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The GateKeepers

Exposing Truth.

Confronting Error.

The GateKeepers is a network of faithful Christians who are engaging in the most important conversations of our day. Whether it's theology, church issues, culture or politics, everything comes from a Biblical worldview. While many Christian organizations focus just on politics or just on theology, we want to take an all-encompassing approach. 

The chaos occurring both inside and outside of the church is clear for all to see. Our society is crumbling before our eyes, primarily from a failure of the church to faithfully proclaim the Gospel and shine light into darkness by boldly declaring the truth. That starts with a proper understanding of what God's Word teaches.

Now is the time to boldly declare truth in all arenas of life. Politics is downstream of culture which is downstream of the church. If we are going to save America, we'll have to tackle all three aspects, all with the understanding that it starts with the Gospel and everything else flows from there.

The Team