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There are lots of devotionals out there. Most devotionals take a different topic each day, which can make it to where all of the topics can blend together and nothing sticks long-term. While it may be great for that day, before long you'll completely forget what you read just a few days later. Here at The GK, however, we like to do things a little differently. 

We are launching a brand new devotional called TWELVE. Each month, we'll tackle a different topic so that you will be able to really study, meditate and ruminate on the issue. You'll have two weeks of studying, reading and learning, followed by one week focused on application and then a week focused on prayer. This will allow that months focus to really stick with you as move forward in your walk with God.

Each month we'll have a different contributor curating the content, giving you not only different topics but different perspectives from month to month. We really look forward to seeing this project unfold, and really diving into God's Word together as we enter 2020.

Members of our Plugged In program will receive this weekly devotional in their email each Monday as an added perk for supporting The GK. You can join The GK's Plugged In Membership Program to receive this weekly devotional plus other benefits. We are always looking for more ways to provide you even more value for supporting The GK. 

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