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Social Justice has been infiltrating the church, and has caught evangelicalism completely off guard. Many have attempted to combat it, but are not well-versed in what we are really up against. SOCIAL INJUSTICE brings together a team of 12 authors, many of whom have been preaching against Social Justice and Cultural Marxism for many years. This book will take you deep into the issues, helping you to understand what the progressive left is doing to deceive the evangelical church. Whether it's understanding the compromise regarding Oppression, Abortion, White Privilege or any of the other issues encompassing Social Justice, this book will help you to understand the threat to the church, as well as how to combat this false teaching.

Meet The Authors

Meet The Authors


Jeff Dornik

Founder of The GK Podcast Network

Conversations with Jeff Podcast

The Jeff Dornik Podcast


Brannon Howse

CEO of WorldView Weekend

Author, Radio & TV Show Host

Documentary Filmmaker


Dr. Andy Woods

Pastor at Sugar Land Bible Church

President of Chafer Seminary

Host at WVW-TV


Dr. Mike Spaulding

Pastor at Calvary Chapel of Lima

Author & Radio Show Host

Soaring Eagle Radio Show


Thomas Littleton


Medical Missions


Pastor Ken Peters

Pastor at Covenant Church Spokane

The Church at Planned Parenthood
Radio Show Host

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Ian M. Giatti