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The Main Features of a Dissertation in Psychology

Writing a scientific paper is a difficult, but doable task. A discipline such as psychology also requires research activities, like any other subject studied at a university. The approach to writing a work is special, the project must strictly comply with certain requirements, with the full implementation of which the author is guaranteed success.

Choice of psychological topics

Any scientific work begins with the choice of a topic. At first glance, this is an easy task, but it is worth considering the need for in-depth study of the topic. To do this, it is important to independently provide yourself with the necessary literature and find other sources that allow you to fully reveal the essence of the material. A strict control of the information found must be carried out, which should be further processed and presented in the dissertation.

Examples of relevant topics from for writing a dissertation on general, child, personal psychology, the history of the development of psychological science:

  1. Recognition of helping psychological spaces.

  2. Perception of emotions by facial expressions: the role of the emotional characteristics of the observer.

  3. Individual-personal predictors of stress resistance in men and women.

  4. The influence of the family on the socialization of a teenager.

  5. Characteristics of goals as factors of subjective well-being.

  6. Studies of child development in the works of A. Freud and M. Klein.

Requirements for writing a dissertation

Compliance of qualification work with certain requirements is an important condition that cannot be ignored. Basic rules for execution:

  • The unity of the dissertation creation. This condition means that all parts of the work, including paragraphs, must be consistent and interconnected. Separate chapters are not allowed in the work, the order of which does not correspond to the content.

  • Orderliness. A deep analysis of the studied elements takes place in full, without splitting the problem into separate components.

  • Logic. Information should be arranged in a logical chain and displayed in this form on paper.

The main feature of writing a dissertation work in psychology is the construction of material based on theory data, as well as the conducted research in practice. The analyzed and developed materials must be reliable, have a strictly scientific orientation.

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