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Jeff Dornik is the founder of The GK Podcast Network. He was born into a Christian family who attended John MacArthur's Grace Community Church. Growing up, Pastor MacArthur heavily influenced Jeff's theology, especially when it comes to the inerrancy & infallibility of Scripture, understanding the Gospel and believing in the Doctrines of Grace & Election. However, after seeing many compromising issues in the mainstream evangelical church, Jeff saw an opportunity to be a voice in the wilderness, hopefully joining forces with other like-minded Christians who saw the need for those within the church to repent and come back to biblical Christianity. Thus, The GateKeepers concept was born. Theologically, Jeff is a Five Point Calvinist, but stays clear of hyper-Calvinism. His goal is to point people to Christ.

In High School, Jeff played basketball at a very high level. His club team won the National Championship in 2002. In 2005, as a senior in high school, Jeff won the Arizona State 3 Point Contest, being named the best 3 point shooter in the state. At the time of his graduation, he held all-time school records of most 3 Pointers made and attempted in a single game, a season and in a career, as well as the record for the highest free throw percentage in a season.

After college, Jeff spent time working in youth ministry, as well as a worship leader.

He is happily married to his college sweetheart. They love all things Disney and travel.

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