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Upsidedown in America

America as I knew it is dead. In the 1960s America was still a shining beacon on a hill in spite of the many trials we faced. While the eyes and minds of America were focused on Southeast Asia and elsewhere, the enemies of America were busy infiltrating our schools, our civic organizations, our churches, and our government at every level.What must we do right now to turn America around? We must reclaim our right and responsibility to guide this nation by the principles of true biblical Christianity. The Founding Fathers bequeathed a nation to their progeny that would only survive as long as its citizens recognized God's moral law for every aspect of our shared lives. This is not advocacy for a theocracy but advocacy for a return to founding principles in our homes, churches, and government. May Christ be glorified in our efforts!


-Dr Mike Spaulding

Upsidedown in America


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