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Woe, Southwestern! Forrest Davis III recalls the fall of SWBTS | The Big Brown Gadfly w/ Bobby Lopez

Forrest Davis III joins Bobby Lopez to discuss the downfall of SWBTS after the ousting of Paige Patterson.

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Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary has experienced an infiltration by the Progressive Marxist Left. Bobby and Forrest experienced this first hand, seeing just how manipulative and dishonest many of the practices have been that have let to the destruction of one of the few remaining (at the time) Conservative Evangelical Seminaries left in America.

The same old tactics were used, just like what we saw with Jerry Falwell Jr at Liberty University, in order to take down Paige Patterson who was attempting to preserve the seminary and hold off the "woke" crowd. Unfortunately, they were able to take him out, which led to the intentional overthrow of the school.

This episode will help you to understand what actually went down during this coup, hearing first hand eyewitness testimony. If you've followed this story at all, you need to listen to this episode, as you'll gain an accurate understanding of how the Left conquered yet another conservative institution. Hopefully we'll learn from this and make sure this never happens again.


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