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Why would anyone ever trust the government?

Just the facts easily proven from the whole of Scripture:

Why would ANYONE EVER trust the government?


You've lost all sense of reality if you do such a thing!

99.99% of all government action recorded in the HOLY BIBLE was contemptible and wrath-provoking to the God of Heaven! Read the ENTIRE thing! Take notes!

Step back from the twisted, bizarre misreading of Romand 13 and ask God to renew your mind from thoughts emanating from the Spirit of Antichrist! Try to grasp the WHOLE of Scripture before attempting to navigate an isolated single chapter authored by a man who clearly (brace yourself) DID NOT TRUST AND RESISTED CIVIL AUTHORITY, please!

For the love of God, be free from doctrinal perversion and bondage of mind! Be loosed in Jesus' name! Be free!

Lord have mercy on this nation. We are living in the days of Jeremiah with a blind, weak and stubborn pastorate.

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