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Why the Religious Elite hated Jesus

It's clear to any reader of the Bible that the Pharisees, Sadducees and scribes absolutely hated Jesus. They had him tortured and killed after pre-meditating His arrest and crucifixion. While it's common knowledge that they absolutely hated Christ, what many don't often take the time to think through is why. Why did the Religious Leaders of His day hate Jesus? This episode of The GateKeepers Podcast answers that very question.

Many forget that Jesus spent the majority of His earthly ministry confronting the corruption and hypocrisy of the religious leaders in Israel. It's easy to gloss over this fact when you have so many pastors preaching verse by verse sermons taking one verse at a time. However, when you take a step back and look at the broader context, you'll see that sermon after sermon was preached exposing the elites to the public.

Jesus' confrontation of the ruling class is reminiscent to what we saw Donald Trump do within the political realm. Now, I'm not comparing Donald Trump to Jesus. However, the tactics and strategies that the two used are very similar. Think about it: both Jesus and Trump bypassed the standard gatekeepers and went straight to the people, pointing back at the elitists and called them out for their corruption and hypocrisy.

While many modern-day pastors cringe at the comparison, that might have a lot to do with where we are as a nation today. For too long, pastors have allowed corruption to go on without any resistance, primarily through the pietistic movement within Evangelical Christianity. Instead, we need pastors to rise up and speak truth into the dark culture and political systems we find ourselves in, as well as the corrupt Christian industry that is more about storing up wealth for the mega-church pastors than it is about saving souls and equipping them for ministry.

It's time we change this corrupt system. This starts with you and I changing our focus and faithfully proclaiming the truth into our local churches, governments and culture.

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