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Why The Democrat Collusion?

You may be wondering why so much time and money has been spent on groundless claims of Donald Trump colluding with Russia to win the 2016 US presidential race. Further, why do Democrats, along with their media and Hollywood allies, continue to throw this accusation around despite the failure of liberal political operative Robert Mueller’s investigation to link Trump or his people to Russian interference during the election? If you’ve concluded that it’s all been a waste of time, you’re right. That’s been the goal, to waste time. Trump or any other Republican was never supposed to win the presidency.

Real crimes were committed during the Obama years in the White House and at the highest levels of that regime. No unfounded speculation here, blatant criminal acts were perpetrated with impunity because the lawless never thought they’d be held accountable. Up ‘til now, they haven’t. As Obama used to say, let me make this perfectly clear.

Is it illegal to sell weapons to known drug cartels? Of course it is, yet that exactly what Attorney General Eric Holder’s operation “Fast and Furious” did. Is it illegal to use government agencies as partisan weapons to spy on and punish political opponents? Yes it is. So how about the FBI under James Comey and “Operation Crossfire Hurricane”, which involved government informants, secret subpoenas and wiretaps, effectively spying on Trump for political purposes. Any of that illegally obtained info given to the Clinton campaign? Even after the election Comey was lying, obstructing and leaking information trying to overturn the results of the election. What about the IRS under Director John Koskinen and Director of Exempt Organizations Unit, Lois Lerner, targeting conservative groups to deny them tax exempt status, muzzling their political activities leading up to the 2012 Obama re-election. Then there’s the criminal syndicate known as the Clinton Foundation.

The Clinton Foundation was established in 1997 while Bill was still president. It’s illegal to sell political influence though, as has been proven, laws don’t apply to the Clintons. Bill Clinton’s estimated current net worth is $80,000,000. Hillary’s is $45,000,000. Ah, but the Clinton Foundation is a charitable organization one might say. In 2014, a whopping 5.7% went to charitable causes which is Clinton-speak for rewarding their allies and operatives. In reality it’s a money-laundering political fund to finance Marxist/Globalist causes, the greatest of these being Hillary’s presidential aspirations.

So what could a wealthy foreign contributor to the Clinton Foundation buy? From 1997 to January 2001, President Bill Clinton. From January 2001 until 2008, a US Senator under Hillary. As a bonus, you were getting a US presidential candidate for a couple of years, 2007-2008. From 2009 to February 2013, you could buy favor from the US Secretary of State, compliments of Hillary. After that and up to the 2016 election, Hillary was once again a presidential candidate. The Uranium One deal, which Hillary brokered with Russian intermediaries, sent US uranium to Russia. A hefty donation to the Clinton Foundation helped seal the deal. This stuff isn’t hard to connect the dots on.

How about the infamous email scandal? Plainly, Hillary used an unsecure email account on her private server because she knew that she’d be abusing her office as Secretary of State and needed to keep her felonious and treasonous actions secret from possible investigation. You see, secure government emails are the property of the government and thus saved. Sending classified information via unsecured emails is in every single instance a crime. This is plainly explained to every government employee and official down to the lowest levels. Is it possible that somehow Hillary was unaware of this? It’s about the same probability as icebergs in the Gulf of Mexico in July. Hillary sent thousands of classified emails from her unsecured account, emails that were intercepted by our enemies around the world. Lending aid and comfort to our nation’s enemies is the definition of treason. Hillary has had multiple cell phones physically destroyed, her server professionally wiped, and emails purged and/or withheld. Does this sound like the actions of an innocent person? Add perjury and obstruction to her list of crimes.

These are but a few examples. All go back to and involve Obama, Biden and senior administration others who not only knew about these things but planned, ordered and covered up for them. It was Obama who sent billions of dollars to the terrorist Iranian government. How’s that working out for the world? Remember the definition of treason? As for collusion, the Obama Administration actively involved itself in Ukraine to influence their 2014 elections and in 2015 used US tax dollars and operatives in an effort to unseat Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in that country’s election. Obama has done exactly what the Democrats accuse Trump of doing. Except Trump didn’t, Obama did. If the Russians wanted anything in the 2016 election, it was a Clinton victory and the resulting continuation of the America-destroying economic, military and cultural strategies of the Marxist, Muslim-coddling, God-hating Obama Administration.

Upon this brief review it’s apparent that the whole lying story of Russian/Trump collusion was/is misdirection and a waste of time. And that’s what it’s supposed to be. Yes, such wailing serves to keep the Democratic liberal, Marxist base agitated. Everything’s always about the next election. But above all, the Democrats were and are stalling for time. Had real criminal investigations began in 2017 into any of the various things I’ve mentioned there would be a cascading series of indictments engulfing much of the Democratic Party’s past and current leadership. Some Republicans too. Particularly interesting would be delving into the international web of corruption that is the Clinton Foundation.

So the Democrats got the whole collusion investigation going and it was successful by the most important standard: No investigation into the Obama Administration crimes committed 2009-2016 which would’ve effectively been the end of the Democrat Party. Indicting Trump was never the goal, they knew there was nothing there. Keeping Trump on the defensive and too busy defending himself to seek actual justice has always been the Democratic objective. And you know what, it worked. Two years of media-driven Trump/Russian collusion innuendo was enough stalling to see the Democrats take back the US House of Representatives. Controlling the House, the Democrats will continue to “investigate” the crime that never happened to misdirect from those that did. They hope to keep this phase of stalling up until the 2020 elections.

If the Democrats can take the White House next year, the crimes they’re desperately trying to avoid prosecution for will be forever buried.

What’s maddening is that Trump and the Republicans were and are naïve or foolish enough to let the whole collusion narrative go forward in the first place. Or as I mentioned and actually suspect, Republican leadership is at least complicit in what I’ve described. I pray that you’re not putting your hope into a political solution for our nation’s vastly larger moral problem. Our Saviour is Jesus Christ, not a politician. However this is not an excuse to sit back and do nothing. Our system of government requires our participation in it to work properly.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

Makes one wonder how good men really are if they, by inaction, allow evil to destroy their community, nation, and by virtue, the minds, hearts and souls of their loved ones. Our Lord requires we be full-time Christians, in every area of our life.

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16)

For God, for country, for the souls of lost men, women and children, we need to be about our Father’s work. Heed this warning; as the liberal Democrats are stalling for time, we’re running out of it.


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