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Why is Donald Trump STILL pushing the vaccines?

I have so much to say, but I already know God's wrath hasn't reached its required zenith so I will just say this much and hold back the rest, keeping it neatly tucked in my heart.

Yesterday's headline was former President Trump boasting: "The vaccine was popular when I was president."

So, as of yesterday, he is STILL promoting this nonsense when he SHOULD be condemning forced vaccinations, medical fascism and glaring Chinese-styled totalitarianism in the United States!

My biggest struggle in life, right now, is embracing the reality that I have to write posts like this knowing it will go mostly unheeded.

Knowing that situational ethics is going to dump more gasoline on the dumpster fire and that God has essentially "given us over" to depraved minds that couldn't connect the dots on a kid's menu at Red Lobster, much less respect and apply Exodus 18:21.

Lord have mercy on my family and my church, because it looks like we are going to end up going into "Egyptian exile" along with these other people, just like Jeremiah did with the stubborn Hebrews.

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