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Why Intersectionality Failed The Democratic Party

This article was originally published on the NOQ Report, and is reposted with permission from the author, JD Rucker.

Bigotry definitely exists in America. There are racists, anti-Semites, Islamophobes, and misogynists still present in our nation. But the most prevalent form of bigotry has come as a result of the rise of intersectionality in which protected groups have reversed the script, making it somehow appropriate to alienate the so-called “privileged.” This is damaging our culture while also destroying the Democratic Party.

Today, there are far too many ignorant people on the left who believe it’s wrong to be a straight, cisgender, Caucasian male. They say it’s okay to celebrate womanhood—including biological men who claim to be women— but it’s not okay to celebrate manhood. There are “safe spaces” designated for every racial group, but if ever a Caucasian version popped up it would be instantly labeled as racist. Gay pride is accepted while straight pride is taboo. The reversal of past bigotries is nearly complete.

Bigotry in all forms should be eliminated in the United States. That includes bigotry against straight, cisgender, Caucasian males. We are all just people, creations of God, and there are differences between us. But those differences should be celebrated. Men and women are different. Blacks and Asians are different. Caucasians and Latinos are different. Jews and Hindus are different. But here’s the thing. The differences that are cultural or even physical in the case of biological sexes should be embraced. Diversity is only possible when we allow those differences to flourish, and that will always be difficult as long as there’s bigotry regardless of which direction it’s flowing.

This notion has been lost on the Democratic Party. They talk of unity and fighting racism, but their ideology thrives on division. It’s one of the greatest con jobs performed on Americans that Democrats are supposedly the party of diversity and bringing people together. They contradict themselves regularly whenever they say things like persons of color should get this job or that position simply because they’re persons of color. Democrats look foolish when they select women over men to fill certain roles simply because they’re women. What ever happened to the notion of picking the most qualified person to do a job? Why did all of the Democrats’ male candidates for President say they would pick a female Vice President if nominated? I’m not a woman, but if I were I would be greatly insulted by that notion. I would much rather a presidential candidate pick the most qualified person to be their running mate, and if that person happened to be a woman, great! Instead, Democrats have eliminated half of the potential VP choices based solely on a bigoted premise.

Democrats are in a conundrum as everything they claim to hold dear is blowing up in their electoral faces. It’s the worst-case scenario for a party that embraces intersectionality, constantly attacks the wealthy, promotes LGBTQ rights, pretends to be the “progressive” party that embraces the perspectives of youth, and preaches that women and minorities need more opportunities based on their lack of “privilege.” With all of those criteria for virtue-signaling, how in the world did they end up with their top three candidates being Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Mike Bloomberg?

Intersectionality failed to deliver a valid candidate. Why? Because despite the extremely vocal base of the Democratic Party who preaches it, the quiet majority of Americans moved past it long ago. We’ve advanced as a culture to the point that most Americans look at character, personality, and standard human qualities instead of race, gender, sexual preference, or financial status. Democrats have fomented hatred towards the “privileged,” but their gambit has only worked on the weak-minded few. Most Americans do not judge others by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

It’s easy for many conservatives to see bigotry coming from loudmouthed radical leftists and believe that they’re indicative of the Democratic Party. These far-leftists are, after all, by far the most vocal. But if those traits that hate old, straight, cisgender, rich white males were present in most Democrats, we wouldn’t have the three frontrunners we have today. The Democratic Party is banking on “woke” culture to pass out victim cards and tell everyone to fight bigotry with a different form of bigotry, but that simply has not swayed the majority of Americans, even Democrats.

This latest form of Cultural Marxism is a blight to American society. The Democrats’ promotion of instersectionality as their top criteria when making decisions has failed miserably. Why can’t they judge people by the content of their character?

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