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Why I'm Pro-Life: A new e-book from Pastor Sam Jones

Here at The GK, we are constantly looking for more ways to help equip you with the knowledge and understanding you need to be able to discern biblical truth in your daily life. Unfortunately, this discernment is needed even more today than in recent history because of the constant attacks on biblical Christianity.

One of the biggest fights that we face, as Christians, is in our fight to save the lives of babies being killed by the horrific practice of abortion. Across this country, we are seeing hundreds of thousands of lives ending due to the rampant access and promotion of abortion. As Christians and Conservatives, we have to take a stand to end this awful practice.

Our good friend, Pastor Ken Peters is one of the leading voices against abortion and Planned Parenthood, and I strongly encourage you to support his organization called The Church at Planned Parenthood. They literally meet outside of their local Planned Parenthood abortion clinic and hold a church service. They fight their battles with worship!

Our new e-book that we just released by Pastor Sam Jones is called Why I’m Pro-Life. This book breaks down the motivation for being pro-life, and Pastor Sam does a great job explaining the thought process behind opposing abortion. He takes a look the religious aspect, the science, the law and the emotional arguments.

This book will help you to not only be pro-life, but understand WHY we need to be pro-life. Understanding the WHY will help you to articulate your beliefs when discussing this vitally important issue.

I strongly encourage you to get your copy of Why I’m Pro-Life. It’s only $5 in The GK Store, and it’s a simple way that you can help to support the work that we are doing here at The GK. Thank you so much for your support!



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