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Why Does It Look Like Mobilization?

As we all know issues are beginning to escalate because of this viral pandemic. After the first cases came to public attention when the outbreak in Wuhan began the world began to notice. It spread very quickly worldwide. We experienced a small gasp nationwide.

Citizens rushed to the store buying paper goods. The shelves emptied of toilet paper. Others began to mock those who stood in long lines to buy in a peculiar preparation. Then, shelves emptied of meat, especially chicken. The media mocked.

Social media roared of those accusing the nation of hoarding. Others were selling these goods at prices regularly affordable. People were outcast. People were turned in. How could Americans take advantage of a viral crisis and profit off the fear?

Government authorities took charge of the media projected problem and then began to issue restrictions. Many private organizations were forced to ration goods to numbers per purchase per household.

The frenzy was widespread. Now we appear to be without a quick restock of goods. Our localities are filled with businesses opening and closing at short hours. What are Americans supposed to do?

Early in the morning and afternoon hours of March 20, 2020 another issue arose. Military equipment and vehicles began to appear at many points of the US coasts and borders. Yet, how many noticed? What is going on here?

From Texas to California to Chicago to New York, tanks and other large military vehicles were being transported on train tracks and even driving on city roads.

What is being put in place and why is it being implemented during the recommended and forced quarantines? Are we witnessing a military readiness for martial law or are we witnessing a quick protection of citizens because of what's foreseen due to the oncoming information regarding the Wuhan Virus? We must question this because too many have been seeing this and documenting pictures and video of such a transportation before those who are still working take off for the weekend to hit stores or bars before the forced closing of them by state and local governments. What answers can we receive after this is released by Battlefront Broadcasting and Gatekeepers? Questions about what this means must be addressed. This is not normal.

If you know anything about these images and the suspicious mobilization of military equipment please contact All citizens deserve answers as our government is by the people for the people. Are we witnessing the preparation for martial law?

SouthGate out.


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