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Who Is The LORD?

And afterward Moses and Aaron came and said to Pharaoh, “Thus says the LORD, the God of Israel, ‘Let My people go that they may celebrate a feast to Me in the wilderness.’” But Pharaoh said, “Who is the LORD that I should obey His voice to let Israel go? I do not know the LORD, and besides, I will not let Israel go.”

Exodus 5:1-2

The story of the Hebrew people, their centuries-long enslavement in Egypt, and God’s miraculous deliverance of them is an amazing reminder of the power of God to overcome every obstacle we think is too large to defeat.

In the passage above, Moses and Aaron go to Pharaoh and demand on behalf of God that he let Israel go into the wilderness to celebrate a feast to Him. Pharaoh’s response was a resounding “no.” Notice the reason Pharaoh gives – “Who is the LORD?” Isn’t that a common refrain today among people in America? Do you understand that this is not a question seeking an answer but is instead, a challenge to God, and to His rightful authority? Many Pharaohs have risen in our land who give lip-service to God while supporting the things God hates. These evil-doers are not compassionate, loving, moral, enlighted people. They are people who love wickedness but are too deceived to know it. They are people God will destroy because they are fakes. "Depart from Me you workers of iniquity, for I NEVER knew you."

What tragedy has befallen us that our neighbors, family members, even entire generations of children are growing up in the land of the free and the home of the brave without any knowledge of the One who gives courage and boldness to stand against tyrants that forcefully destroy freedom and liberty? What bewitchment has fallen upon this nation that people do not know the LORD and they boast in that?

Friends, God has always laid the guilt squarely at the feet of His shepherds who will not warn, will not fight, will not speak the truth, will not say or do anything that might draw so much as a raised eyebrow from their peers. Hirelings seek appeasement, compromise, and consensus. God is looking for men and women who will walk in His ways and declare His truths regardless of how out of step they are with the prevailing cultural attitudes, perspectives, and beliefs.

America has forsaken God for the idolatry of going along to get along. Our nation is burning to the ground aided by fake religiosity, fake virtue, fake compassion, fake morality, and fake Christianity, while too many of God's true people are silent.

What are you waiting for pastor? What are you waiting for Christian? Do you not see the fields ripe for harvest? Move forward in our land with courage and boldness! God has given us victory. His banner is already unfurled. The colors have come upon the battlefield. Rise up church, this can be our finest hour!

Dr. MIke Spaulding

Host, Soaring Eagle Radio and Dr. Mike Live



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