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What in the 1930s Nazi Germany is going on?

In this episode of A StoneWall's Perspective Podcast, Alex discusses the tyranny that is going on in the United States right now. The US Government seems to be overreaching their bounds more and more every single day.

What should we do when the government overreaches the way that they are doing? Senator Rand Paul says that it is time for civil disobedience. I agree.

What happens if the people blindly follow the government? The government will continue to overstep their bounds. In 2020 and 2021, the American people have been like sheep who have been led to the slaughter. If we want this to end, then we will have to stand against it.

It seems as if policies in the democrat party are starting to resemble the policies of Nazi Germany. The CDC is recommending green zones, which are eerily similar to concentration camps. Mask mandates are starting back up, vaccines are being required to do things, and evil is rampant in the United States. This is all prophesied about in the Word of God.

We should seek His Word and sanctify ourselves in The Word because it is truth. Without Jesus, this nation will crumble... it already is crumbling. Christ is the cure.

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