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We're living in Star Wars land. Here's A New Hope for America.

A couple of months ago we were mere minutes away from the Rubicon. But now, we are seconds away from becoming a vassal of China. A long process in the making, the country that once stood for life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness is becoming unrecognizable from its founding. As Big Tech and Big Government become intimate bedfellows, the government has the grip on information's history's most tyrannical regimes could not imagine. The government allows Big Tech to violate Section 230 with impunity in exchange for carrying out their bidding. What we are about to discover is that America may emerge as a global force for evil.

The prequel trilogy of Star Wars has a lot of great concepts, whereas execution has much to be desired. In this deconstruction tale of Anakin Skywalker, we see that the Jedi are a force for evil, all while believing they were good. The Galactic Republic was a United Nations of sort that mistreated the outer rim planets in favor of the core worlds. The separatists were entirely justified for wanting out of a union they did not benefit from. And while they were misled by Count Dooku, they saw the Republic for what it was. We are at the stage where Padme comes to this realization. (Star Wars is brutally dystopian.)

There are only two outcomes remaining with the calamity we are witnessing, but God is in control. He could finish His judgement, wiping America off of the map. And it's not as though we do not deserve it.

Alternatively, God is pushing America to the brink in order to restore America in a way that we will know that all will know that the Lord is at work. In Exodus, God is very upfront about why Egypt had to suffer many plagues. Certainly one plague could have sufficed. But God wanted there to be no confusion who restored Israel. Perhaps this is what is going on with America. And we should pray that it is.

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