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We can't let the Left hijack Liberty University | Michael Johns | Conversations with Jeff #86

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Michael Johns is the co-founder of the Tea Party, as well as the former speechwriter for President George HW Bush. He has an extensive background in the political and policy world. What some aren't as familiar with is Michael's history with Liberty University and Jerry Falwell Sr, which gives him some additional insight in relation to what's going on with the current Jerry Falwell Jr "scandal".

As we all know, Jerry Falwell is on indefinite leave after a photo of him on a yacht dressed as a character from the Trailer Park Boys alongside his wife's secretary. People immediately called on his resignation, citing that photo as inappropriate, unbecoming of a Christian university president and even talking about the inappropriateness of taking a photo with a woman that's not his wife. Interestingly, these very same critics will condemn people like Mike Pence for not having meals alone with another woman, but I digress.

Michael explained just how successful that Jerry Falwell Jr has been leading Liberty University, turning their sports program into highly competitive teams, fundraising with the best of University Presidents (which is one of the primary jobs for that role) and turning Liberty into a beacon of conservatism in the academic world, one of the few remaining big Conservative Christian universities in the country. You may not like the Instagram photo, but we can't lose the war to win a battle. Also, why must we cancel someone simply because they do something we don't like?

The second half of the episode focused on the Presidential election, breaking down the policies of Joe Biden and making the case for the necessity of President Donald Trump's re-election. We are facing unprecedented attacks against the very fabric of our nation. This election is vitally important for Republicans to win. If we don't, then we'll be heading downhill fast, and I don't know if we'd ever be able to recover.

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