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Was the MAGA Capitol breach a setup?

We've all seen the photos and video of the supposed MAGA Trump supporters "storming the Capitol Building" by now. The narrative being pushed by the Mainstream Media is that Trump supporters are nothing more than unhinged, violent thugs.

The reality is that almost everybody at the DC Rally today were peaceful and simply making their voices heard. With that said, I am not surprised that there are people who are angry and upset. Think about it: Conservatives have been pinned into a corner with no recourse. Our votes were stolen. Many of us have lost our jobs. The unemployed are not getting the help that they need. Our rights are being trampled on and thrown at the window. No wonder American Patriots are reaching their breaking point!

Now, I have received reports from people I know on the ground that many of those that infiltrated the Capitol Building are actually Antifa members disguised as MAGA people. However, there is another plot twist:

Yes, that's correct... the police allowed many Trump supporters into the Capitol Building, as evidenced by the video above. This would confirm many of the reports in the beginning that Trump supporters actually entered the Capitol Building thinking that they were allowed to do so.

So, the natural question becomes whether this was also a setup so that the Mainstream Media could run with the story that the MAGA crowd is violent. Combine the fact that there's this video footage of police allowing Trump supporters to enter the building, along with the claims of Antifa inside, as well... that's not a good combination. It also begs the question about whether this was a setup.

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