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Was the Afghanistan Disaster Incompetence or the Work of a Mastermind?

Sitting President Biden recently pulled out of Afghanistan leaving behind Americans and also Afghan allies to the ruthless rule of the Taliban.

ISIS-K has also begun its sweeping destruction implementing the caliphate through Jihad.

Many have publicly proclaimed that Biden made a mistake and pulled too soon out of Afghanistan ahead of September 11th.

Mainstream news pundits and independent news sources alike have proclaimed this to be the incompetence of Biden and his failing health due to dementia.

However, Dustin Faulkner takes you into an overview of the stories to ask the question of whether it was incompetence or the work of a mastermind to hand over the United States in a final globalist and Marxist blow.

Also discussed is the ongoing problems with Covid and the illegal mandates quickly implemented by those who seek to undermine the Constitution for this coming Fall.

Also discussed is the movement initiated and organized by Taylor McCray called, Will You Stand?


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