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Wall Street vs the Plebs: A Christian Response

It seems as though only two weeks ago that I had written extensively about the collusion between Big Tech and Big Government. One of the messages I emphasized was that Big Tech Censorship goes far beyond social media. It would appear that FinTech is no exception to this collusion. Robinhood and the other major retail stockbrokers colluded to protect Wall Street interests after a popular uprising of Reddit users organized to purchase stock that Wall Street makes money should the stock go down in share price. The concept of a short squeeze is where you borrow stock and sell it with the anticipation that the share price will go down by the date you have to return the stock. However, if the share price goes up then the short squeeze is unprofitable. And that is how Reddit users intended to screw Wall Street.

As someone willing to acknowledge the civil war our culture is in, I approve of such creative tactics to manipulate the stock market to one's advantage. After all, hedge funds manipulate share prices in similar ways. It has been reported that Wall Street has tallied losses exceeding $70 billion.

Corporate America is not your friend. They have subsidized America's decline. With these $70 billion in losses, there may be fewer dollars going to Planned Parenthood or other Marxist organizations.

However, FinTech stepped in to mitigate these losses. Robinhood, being the most well-known, barred purchases of the stocks in question like GameStop and AMC. This market manipulation was intended to attack the retail investors benefitting from Wall Street's losses.

There exists a symbiotic relationship between Big Government and Big Tech. Big Tech can carry out censorship on Big Government's behalf and not be held in violation of Section 230. Likewise, Big Tech can protect its financial interests illegally, and Big Government will do little about it, or else FinTech would not have acted so blatantly.

The system is against us, the regular folks. They brazenly murdered Jeffrey Epstein to protect their own. They then imposed lockdowns on a pacified populace. They committed massive voter fraud. They grow bolder in their actions.

However, these elites are not only against the plebs, they are against God. Wealth and power allow humans to not suffer the same natural penalties of sin. For instance, Hunter Biden's cocaine and child prostitute habit would be unsustainable for a poor or middle-class person. They simply cannot afford to sin so extravagantly. But being more able to afford the cost of sin, the elite have throughout all of human history been the most decadent. In America, the elite prop up abortion, homosexuality, pedophilia, transgenderism, and even Cultural Marxism.

It does not take a genius to point out that the elite are evil. However, identifying the root problem is more advanced. Many will claim that the system is the problem, and while the system is problematic, the problem does not go away with the system. Classical Marxists thought that communism could remedy this alienation. But communism only gives the elite more control. And the lesson from the Soviet Union is that people will suffer tyranny as long as the government is able to feed its people. China learned this and has perfected a police state and is on the path to achieving world domination.

The Bible identifies that human nature is the problem because of sin. Human nature is evil. Replacing systems does not escape this fact. Yet God loved us and sent Jesus to die for us. Though Jesus conquered the grave to redeem our souls, this is not intended to redeem institutions. The Bible makes no promises of redeeming systems. Therefore, the Bible does not come with the false allure of a utopian government, as many are want to seek in desperate times. The systems are evil because human nature is evil. This fact is inescapable.

Even more inescapable is that all will stand before the judgement of God. The elites will stand in guilt for their sins. But only Jesus can prevent you from sharing their deserved fate.


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