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Vaccines fall under the Biblical law of self-government NOT civil government

Here is my conviction on THIS issue.

Most American pastors have fallen under the error of the false teaching of Christian pietism. Pietism overemphasizes the "inwardness" of Christian faith and discourages or even opposes the necessary legal "outwardness" of real Christianity upon all societies. It creates a false, either/or dichotomy by abusing Scripture and discarding Old Testament law that still holds efficacy upon all of humanity.

Because of this mental stronghold that corrupts their doctrine and their thinking, they need help from the agency of the Holy Spirit and other ministers capable to refuting their false assumptions about what the Bible does and does not teach.

Many of them can be salvaged if they get the needed confrontation accompanied by the Holy Spirit that can give birth to a fresh revelation in their minds and souls about the Biblical role of a local church in a society.

This is extremely hard work.

I am not without compassion for the good and honorable men who have been pastors for many decades, but just can't see the truth in this area, but when people's lives are at stake, I have to get VERY firm against their errant doctrine.

So here's the issue:

I think it is a tragic doctrinal error that may fall under the category of "sin of ignorance" (addressed in Leviticus chapter 4), for an American pastor to refuse to provide a letter to defend the conscience of one of his own sheep, with regard to the so-called 'jab.'

The possibility that an American pastor would not be able to comprehend the glaringly serious threat posed against Christianity via the state forcing ANYTHING upon a citizen that is against their conscience - CLEARLY reserved by Biblical law for the jurisdiction of SELF-GOVERNMENT and NOT reserved by Biblical law for CIVIL-GOVERNMENT - calls into question the moral and intellectual fitness of said pastor.

Pastors who do not grasp this should humble themselves, ask for education on the topic, repent after grasping their error, or seriously consider leaving the ministry after finding a superior replacement for themselves.

Those are my convictions.

I do not think that laity should approach a local pastor in a harsh, disrespectful, condescending or patronizing way that is not sanctioned by the Holy Spirit. But other pastors, like myself, who have the tenure and jurisdiction to say these things MUST SAY THEM RIGHT NOW to all of our friends and acquaintances in full-time ministry.

Pastors MUST get this right, or they need to honorably retire. Period.

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