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Upsidedown in America

I don’t think that anyone would argue that this is the most chaotic time in America over the last several decades. Our nation is more polarized that we have been in my lifetime. Riots are occurring on a larger scale than almost anytime in American history. There are even rumblings of an impending Civil War.

It’s almost as if Dr Mike Spaulding has a prophetic gift of addressing these very issues ahead of time, as he does in his book Upsidedown in America. I know that Mike has been working on this book for months, but it came out at exactly the right time, as he accurately addresses the issues we are facing today as a nation.

The family is breaking down, the church is compromising and the government is taking away our Constitutional Rights. So what are we supposed to do about it?

First of all, we need to fix our own households. Understand the biblical roles within the family, be actively involved in our local churches and growing as a person and as a believer in Jesus Christ. We aren’t going to be able to fix our nation if we don’t first fix ourselves and our households.

Then, we need to bring the church back to biblical Christianity. The pulpits are no longer filled with faithful Bible preachers, but entertainers, motivational speakers and entrepreneurs wanting to build a mega-church. We need to bring the focus back to our local churches, walking through life with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

And finally, we need to take back our government. The United States Constitution protects specific rights that are given to us by God, yet the modern-day political leaders have thrown that out the window. We need to get back to the country that our Founding Fathers intended for us, giving us the right to go about our lives without governmental intervention, including our Constitutional Right to worship God as we see fit.

Dr Mike goes into great detail documenting not only the problems we are facing as a country, but provides the solutions as well. If we are going to right this sinking ship, we have to get started right now. The best first step would be to read this book. This will give you the information that you need to equip you to begin to take back our families, churches and country.

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