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Top Podcasts from 2020

This year has seen the addition of some new shows to the lineup here at The GateKeepers Podcast Network. Our flagship shows are still going strong, featuring Conversations with Jeff, The Shining Light Podcast, The Schumann Show and Battlefront: SouthGate. We've also added some new shows, including Ask Dr Mike, The Verum Monitae Report with Dr Mike Spaulding, The Big Brown Gadfly with Bobby Lopez and The GateKeepers Podcast.

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Here's the Top 10 Podcasts from 2020 on The GateKeepers Podcast Network:

1. CPS is Legally Trafficking Children for Financial Gain Conversations with Jeff

Guest Rachel Bruno

Rachel Bruno joins this episode of Conversations with Jeff to share her terrifying story of having her children taken away from her by Child Protective Services without just cause, only to find out the truth about the child trafficking that is legally incentivized by the Federal Government!

2. World's Greatest Coverup

Battlefront: SouthGate

Guest Bishop Larry Gaiters

Joining the SouthGate is Bishop Larry Gaiters of Global Spiritual Revolution Radio. Larry presents and takes you from the death of Kobe Bryant to the current Covid-19 attack in order to reveal the ongoing manipulation of the world by secret societies like the Boul'e Society and Freemasons with men such as Bill Gates, George Soros and many other world players. Dustin and Larry take you in depth on what could be the worst coverup using black Americans, the NBA, China, NIH and viral manipulations. You will be perplexed, astounded and seeking deeper than ever to find out the truth after this program.

3. Don't Pack Up Yet, Trump Still Has a Strong Fighting Chance of Winning

The Big Brown Gadfly with Bobby Lopez

Guest Rachel Alexander

Rachel Alexander joins Bobby for this episode of The Big Brown Gadfly. Her experience as a Maricopa County, Arizona election attorney gives her rich insights into the battle over votes in Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Nevada. Her assessment is, don't pack up yet, Trump still has a very strong fighting chance of winning.

4. Church & State: Sexual Identity

Conversations with Jeff

Guest Denise McAllister

Denise McAllister takes a look at how the Left is hijacking the Biblical teaching on Sexual Identity, redefining it from something that God creates you for to be something that you self-identify as. Jeff Dornik and Denise take a deep dive into this vitally important topic, which she wrote about in her chapter in the new book Church & State: How the Left Used the Church to Conquer America.

5. Debbie DeGroff Exposes the SHOCKING Content Found in Children's Books

Conversations with Jeff

Guest Debbie DeGroff

Debbie DeGroff is the author of the book Between the Covers: What's Inside a Children's Book? She joined this episode of Conversations with Jeff to share with host Jeff Dornik the shocking and appalling content found in children's books most likely found in your local elementary school or library.

6. Are the Nephilim Among Us?

Conversations with Jeff

Guest Dr Etienne Graves Jr

This episode of Conversations with Jeff features Dr Etienne Graves Jr to discuss his beliefs regarding the Nephilim and how they relate to the world around us. Etienne explains his understanding of Genesis 6 and how this corresponds with the bloodlines, leading to who is actually running the world today. Dr Graves is the author of three books: Demons Nephilim Angels, Unveiling Secrets From Eden's Garden, & Dawn Of A New E.R.A.

7. Astrophysicist Hugh Ross Explains his Old Earth Theology

Conversations with Jeff

Guest Hugh Ross

Hugh Ross, a world-renowned Christian astrophysicist, joins this episode of Conversations with Jeff to discuss his views on Creation, which include the earth being billions of years old and the days of Creation being periods of time, not individual days. The show wraps up with a discussion on how to point people to the Gospel using science and the study of the origins of the earth.

8. Jerry Falwell's Photo & Why Prissy Christians Get Victimized by the Left EVERY TIME

The Big Brown Gadfly with Bobby Lopez

Jerry Falwell recently found himself in a scandal of sorts, following the outrage over an Instagram photo of Falwell and his wife's assistant dressed up as characters from the Trailer Park Boys. Was the photo stupid and inappropriate? Absolutely! Should it have warranted the outrage mob that rose up and ultimately got him kicked out of his post at Liberty University? Probably not.

9. Drain the Evangelical Swamp

The GateKeepers Podcast

There's a lot of talk within Conservative circles about the Deep State and the Swamp that needs to be drained in Washington DC. In all reality, we should take a hard look at our churches and the Evangelical System and clean up our own system. It's easy to look at politicians as being a part of a corrupt system and that THEY need to change things, but maybe we need to clean ourselves up, first.

10. Is the Southern Baptist Convention Politically Corrupted?

The Big Brown Gadfly with Bobby Lopez

Guest Jeff Dornik

This episode of The Big Brown Gadfly features a conversation between Jeff Dornik and Bobby Lopez over just how corrupt the Southern Baptist Convention truly is. The guys over at Enemies Within the Church and Capstone Report have released documentation that proves financial dealings featuring George Soros and Paul Singer sending money into the SBC. This is shocking and appalling, yet also explains how quickly the Leftist Infiltration has taken place.

Jeff Dornik Discuss Social Injustice

The Shining Light Podcast

Guest Jeff Dornik

In This Episode of The Shining Light Podcast, Jeff Dornik joins Pastor Sam and Patrick “No Compromise with Evil” Wyett to discuss the book Social Injustice and how it is more relevant for today than ever!

Covid-19 & Eschatology, the Doctrine of Separation and Criticizing Pastors

Ask Dr Mike

Ask Dr Mike is a monthly show where Jeff Dornik asks Dr Mike Spaulding questions submitted by the viewers over the course of the month. This is an opportunity for you to anonymously ask any Bible questions you might have.

The First Bell

The Schumann Show

We have had our first presidential debate/slap fight, and it has left many of us with questions as to why it was so mishandled on so many fronts. During this episode of The Schumann Show, I bring on a dear friend of mine who is in his second year of law school to discuss that maybe the debate was never meant to be aimed at gaining votes, but rather to erode votes from the opposing bases.

Mike Comes Out of the Gate Swinging!

The Verum Monitae Report with Dr Mike Spaulding

You’ve Been Warned! How many times have you heard someone say that? Thinking about warnings, have you considered that we are warned every day of our lives about a great many things? Warning labels on the products we buy, warnings from consumer advocacy groups, warnings from our government related to travel hazards, warning sirens on our communities alerting us to impending severe weather; seems that no matter where we turn we are warned about something.



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