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Top Articles from 2020

Happy New Year! I think that we can all agree that 2020 has been the most insane year of our lifetimes. So much has happened, I sometimes can't believe that it all happened this year! Think about it, we had COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Trump's impeachment, the presidential campaign and the Rigged Election... and so much more!

Here at The GateKeepers, we've been bringing you our take on the news from a Biblical worldview. We are not afraid to dive into both the theological and political waters, as well as confront culture whenever necessary. The key is to stay grounded in God's Word and shine light into darkness.

I pray that you had a safe and happy New Year's celebration with your family and friends. Now it's time that we continue to press on, fighting for truth and preaching the Gospel whenever possible.

I'm extremely grateful for the team we've assembled here with The GateKeepers. Dr Mike Spaulding, Dr Bobby Lopez, Pastor Sam Jones, Patrick "No Compromise with Evil" Wyett, Schumann, Dustin Faulkner and all the rest of the contributors have done an amazing job with their articles and podcasts. I'm extremely thankful and grateful to each and every one of you!

- Jeff Dornik

The GateKeepers' Top 10 Articles from 2020

1. Election 2020: A Declaration of War by Patrick "No Compromise with Evil" Wyett

Don’t believe a thing you’re hearing or seeing from the network and cable news stations regarding the presidential election. Dismiss totally what liberal newspapers are printing and social media fact-wreckers posing as checkers are saying. You’ve been lied to, you’re being lied to and will continue to be lied to by these entities in what amounts to an overwhelming psychological operations campaign. Their goal is to confuse, fatigue and discourage you into accepting that Joe Biden has defeated President Trump. He hasn’t. Biden has won nothing. The false claims of a Biden victory amidst a backdrop of numerous instances of voter fraud, is to be expected. I and several others have been warning about this eventuality for months. Now it’s here.

2. Proof that Jerry Falwell Jr is Getting Pushed Out by Woke Leftists by Jeff Dornik

Well, Dr Bobby Lopez was right! Bobby recently posted a new episode of his podcast, The Big Brown Gadfly with Bobby Lopez, where he dove into the recent Jerry Falwell Jr controversy. He compared the current ousting of Falwell to what happened to Paige Patterson at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. This is an intentional push by the Woke, Leftist, Progressive crowd trying to eliminate a strong conservative voice from leadership in one of the last beacons of Conservative Christianity.

3. Will Voddie Bacuham Confront John MacArthur? by Brent Detwiler

Baucham is like hundreds of other national leaders who refuse to call MacArthur and Johnson to account. The standards of Scripture are not applied to them like they were not apply to C.J. Mahaney. As an example, MacArthur is still listed as a main session speaker at the Ligonier National Conference in March 2020. That is so troubling! Not even top Reformed leaders and theologians care about his abject hypocrisy and abusive leadership. It is reprehensible and offends the holiness of God!

4. Why SEC Charges Against John MacArthur's Son Matter to the Church by JD Rucker

These are currently only charges and MacArthur is due his day in court. But if these charges stand, it says a lot about both the younger MacArthur and his pastor father. No human is perfect. We all stray regularly and fall short of the glory of God. But this is not a case of someone speaking harshly to a store clerk or cutting in front of someone in traffic. These are serious financial crimes that cost other people money. According to the complaint, MacArthur was essentially “double-dipping” by accepting money from a company in exchange for recommending that company to clients who were also paying them.

5. Examining John MacArthur's Football Claims by Dustin Faulkner

Recently, it was brought to public attention that accounts by John MacArthur regarding Martin Luther King, Jr., and the events after his death were questionable regarding their timelines, purpose and root in truth. These claims were examined and continue to be strongly debated by supporters and non-supporters of the proclaimed accounts. Before these events, John MacArthur accounts other stories of his origins, stances and rise to his proclaimed calling.

6. John MacArthur Exposes the Cult Within Evangelicalism by Jeff Dornik

So now, we see Pastor MacArthur, yet again, flip-flopping in his interpretation of Romans 13. During the shelter-in-place orders, he has been adamant that we are to submit to our governing authorities and we are not to protest. Yet, last night, he went on Tucker Carlson’s show and bragged about being the original protestors, going back 500 years to the Reformation! Yet, he’s also talked about how the Founding Fathers were wrong to rebel against England, as they should’ve submitted to the tyranny of the British Empire. There’s so many contradictions here, it’s mind-boggling.

7. Is John MacArthur Telling the Truth? Perkins Confirms Charles Evers' Story by Jeff Dornik

Virtually all of the articles attempting to defend Pastor MacArthur have posed the same wild conspiracy theories and attempts to discredit Paige Rogers through libelous charges. Instead of focusing on refuting the evidence provided, they chose to come up with possible excuses and attempts to discredit the opposition. This is usually what happens when you don't have the truth on your side.

8. Pastor Steven Anderson Appears on New Insane Clown Posse Album by Jeff Dornik

Pastor Anderson recently caught the attention of the Insane Clown Posse, who decided to feature some of the "highlights" of his sermons in one of their songs called The Truth. Now, ICP is an extremely vulgar music group that is about as unwholesome as they get. Their use of his sermons was nothing short of a hit piece against Christianity. It's no surprise that they oppose Christianity. However, we should not give the world fodder to jump all over by behaving in an un-Christlike manner in our unbiblical speech, as Pastor Anderson does.

9. I'm Sick of Hearing Black Lives Matter by Mychal Massie

I’m sick of hearing how black lives matter. Black lives matter is a Stalinist domestic terrorist group comprised of bigots, racists, anarchists, and terrorists with three things in common: 1) They all hate America; 2) They’re funded by taxpayer money and Soros money; 3) They’re all going to hell when they die, if they do not confess their sins, repent and turn from them and accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.

10. No, America Wasn't Built by Slaves by Denise McAllister

Where there is freedom, he observed, there is industry. Slavery doesn’t build a great nation. It might make some wealthy for a time, but it does not make a nation great, for it breeds a host of social ills that affect not only those enslaved, but the ones who do the enslaving.

Church & State: How the Left Used the Church to Conquer America by Jeff Dornik

In Church & State, you will not only be learning the strategy of why the Left is working so hard to infiltrate the Church, but help you to understand some of the subtle heresies that they’ve been implementing and preaching from pulpits across America. The repercussions for this are quite serious: If the church goes down, so will the greatest country in the history of the world!

Conspiracy as theory and practice: How much of 2020 has been pure coincidence? by Bobby Lopez

“Conspiracy theorist” is akin to calling someone an enemy of peace and order. The Nazis turned everyone who disagreed with them into criminals. The Soviets declared all their critics insane and placed them under medical control. “Conspiracy theorist” is a sort of hybrid between these two delegitimizing labels. Conspiracy theorists are typically charged with lacking sane judgment and, simultaneously, with criminally defaming innocent people.

Pastor Lead From the Front by Dr Mike Spaulding

Too many shepherds have refused to lead the flock into battle. In fact, many of those who refuse to lead their flock into the culture wars believe they are not supposed to be involved in societal issues. A Barna Research Group survey taken a couple of years ago reveals that while most pastors can identify issues that are debated in the public square, an overwhelming majority of them when asked if they preach about these same issues, answered that they do not.

Do Masks Actually Work? by Pastor Sam Jones

Do masks really work to slow the spread of COVID? This is the question I will be exploring today. In truth if you are reading this, chances are, you already have your mind made up as either an anti-masker or pro-masker, and no doubt if this gets shared on Facebook or Twitter it will be “fact-checked”. With all of that said, I am not opposed to genuine push back with this article, but don’t expect a response if you choose to emote instead of reason.

Why is Freedom in America so Important for Christians? by Schumann

I think when this topic comes up the underlying foundations that i always find myself coming back to is freedom. I'm not simply talking about the wave your flag, shoot your guns into the air freedom alone, but the freedom we have in Christ setting us free. So what exactly is this "Freedom". According to the dictionary on google, we find a few different definitions, ranging from "not under the control or in the power of another; able to act or be done as one wishes." or "not or no longer confined or imprisoned." I found these definitions to be thought provoking because they are stating elements within the aspect of life that are escaped from, or fleeing away from the pit of negativity. The scriptures also speak of freedom, this escape from confinement or control. The verse that popped out to me is one that I'm sure most of you are familiar with, John 8:32 "and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."


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