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Jeff Dornik launches this new show on The GK Podcast Network by not holding back in his criticism of the Evangelical Church. Obviously, we are seeing our nation crumble before our eyes through the moral decay of our society. Riots, looting and anarchy in the streets, abortion on-demand and our Constitutional Rights being taken away from us. We can blame the secular world for this "persecution", yet Jeff makes it clear that the responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders of the Christian Church and its supposed leaders.

Over the years, the church has failed to fulfill its purpose of shining light into darkness. Instead, we are simply shining light into already lit up rooms. This is not what God intended. Because of this pietistic worldview promoted by pastors like Pastor John MacArthur and Pastor John Piper, we've seen the church flee from the battle being waged in the entertainment, education, media and even political industries. On top of that, we've stopped preaching the Gospel to the lost, choosing instead to attempt to draw them into our churches with the hopes that we can build a successful megachurch. The church has destroyed itself and, as a result, our nation.

What's the solution? Jeff explains where are focus needs to be on. It will be difficult to pull off, but it's worth taking a stand to right the sinking ship. God honors the faithful few who are willing to take a stand. Will that include you?

The GateKeepers Podcast is streamed live every Friday afternoon at 2pm PT for Plugged In members, who get to participate in the conversation and ask questions and interact with Jeff live during the show. This is just one of many perks for Plugged In members, which also includes our weekly devotional, our monthly livestream episode of Connected, the recordings from the Destroy Social Justice Conference & the Stand Against Marxism Conference, as well as 30% off of all books and resources in The GK Store. To Get Plugged In, visit http://gatekeepersonline.com/pluggedin. This is a way that you can support what we are doing with The GateKeepers.

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