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Tim James: The best way to prevent COVID-19 is to have a Chemical Free Body

Tim James, the founder of Chemical Free Body, joins this episode of Freedom One-On-One to discuss just how important it is to clean up your diet and lifestyle. When you look at which part of the population COVID-19 targets, he makes the case that the best way to protect yourself is to simply live a clean and healthy lifestyle, starting with your diet.

Ever since COVID-19 came to America, we’ve been trying to figure out what’s really going on. The CDC, WHO and our government have been sending out conflicting messages, at best, and have yet to actually provide any actual science as to what is going on, how to treat this virus or even how to prevent it. The answers actually might be more simply than we are told.

Right from the start, it’s been clear that this coronavirus targets those with co-morbidities, such as diabetes, cancer, auto-immune disease and obesity. This would make sense with the data showing that the elderly have a much higher death rate from COVID-19, especially in light of the high rate of these diseases in that generation.

Tim James, founder of the Chemical Free Body, is doing everything that he can to point people to the truth about health and wellness, including in relation to COVID-19. One of the most important things that he points out is that COVID would be much less deadly had Americans been living a cleaner and healthier lifestyle. During this episode of Freedom One-On-One, Tim explains exactly what each of us can do to rid our bodies of chemicals and toxins and have healthier bodies.

Also, according to Tim, face masks are actually quite dangerous to the wearer, doing more harm than good. He pointed out that dentists are seeing a rise in cavities and gum disease, as the temperature is rising in the mouth due to the face masks. Additionally, the masks are keeping us breathing in our own carbon dioxide at dangerously high levels.

The Democrats continually accuse conservatives of rejecting science. The reality is that they are simply gaslighting us. Science is pointing us to understand that face masks are causing more harm than good and don’t actually protect us from COVID-19. Social distancing and staying inside is causing harm to our immune systems. And many of the co-morbidities that are causing people to die are actually preventable through learning up your diet and lifestyle.

If we would like to be the party of science, let’s not be afraid to get the truth out there. Let’s focus on solutions, and one of the primary solutions that Conservatives have to offer is personal responsibility and taking care of your body. Tim James is a man on a mission, focusing on helping as many people as possible to have a Chemical Free Body.

For more information about Tim James, please visit http://chemicalfreebody.com. Use code JEFF at checkout for $10 off of your order.

To watch the full episode of Freedom One-On-One on Rumble, please click here: https://rumble.com/veaxcb-tim-james-the-best-way-to-prevent-covid-19-is-to-have-a-chemical-free-body.html?mref=1wxk5&mc=ehuil



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