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The World Doesn't Need A Revolution... It Needs A Christian Awakening

In this episode of A Stonewalls Perspective Podcast, Alex discusses the importance of guarding your heart from the ways of this world. It seems as if many Christians have fallen short of guarding their hearts from sin and guarding their hearts from the ways of this world.

The Bible is very clear on how to do so, yet many people don't do it. Many people would rather live their life the way that they want to live it than live it how Christ desires.

There are those who say that they would like to know the will of God in their lives, yet they are not willing to read the word of God to find the will of God. We will never find what God's will is for our life if we are not willing to read his word every day of our life.

There is a movement that will tell you, "follow your heart." I would encourage you to stay away from that, because the heart will lie to you. Guard your heart from your hearts desires because if you follow them you will fall away from Christ.

Many people will say that this world needs a revolution or another movement, but I disagree. What this world needs is a revival, an awakening, and a resurgence! The only way for that to occur is if we follow the word of God and follow the will of God.

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