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The spillover of politics into the Evangelical Church

Many have been sounding the alarm for a number of years, if not even decades, against this push for social justice. This is not a new thing. However, the latest attempt to overtake the mainstream evangelicalism is.

Several of the authors of the book Social Injustice: Exposing the False Gospel of the Social Justice Movement have been talking about cultural Marxism and the plan to infiltrate the church for a long time, including Brannon Howse of WorldView Weekend, Thomas Littleton, Andy Woods and Mike Spaulding. They've called this out before the rest of the church picked up on its rise.

One of the most important things that we have to remember is that this is not originating as a theological issue, but a political one. The purpose of this social justice push goes back many decades, and we've seen it implemented mostly behind the scenes or, at the very leas, in the secular world.

However, over the last couple of decades we've seen it infiltrate the church, as well. But that's been in traditionally more liberal leaning churches with leaders such as Rick Warren, Rob Bell, Brian McLaren and Tim Keller.

The current push in traditionally conservative churches is what has taken many evangelical leaders by surprise. More than likely, this coincides with the election of Donald Trump.

Remember, the powers that be who are pushing the social justice movement are not Christians. So the purpose of this push within the evangelical movement is to put Democrats in power and strongly oppose President Donald Trump.

We are watching the spillover from the secular, political world into the theological Christian world.

This article is an excerpt of the book Social Injustice: Exposing the False Gospel of the Social Justice Movement, which brought together authors Jeff Dornik, Brannon Howse, Dr Andy Woods, Dr Mike Spaulding, Thomas Littleton, Ken Peters, Sam Jones, Ian M Giatti, Patrick Wyett, Paige Rogers, Dustin Faulkner, Schumann and the foreword by Mychal Massie. This team of authors exposes the heresy of Social Justice and how it preaches a false Gospel. Order your copy today! Use code GATE at checkout for 10% off.

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