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The Song Remains The Same

As most people who have followed the Revoice movement in the church realize by now, the two year old event is simply part of a much bigger picture. That picture reveals that the movement came from within two major seminaries: the SBC's Southern Baptist Theological Seminary of Albert Mohler and the PCA’s Covenant Theological Seminary in St Louis. Also, for the Saints who understand what is a stake, most are watching carefully as the movement behind Revoice and other “LGBTQ+ Christianity” forces are dividing and threatening to destroy the two denominations.

What is less known are the roots of the movement in the American Psychological Association and its thought leader for Religion and LGBTQ+, Mark Yarhouse. Far fewer believers know that in 2010 The Gospel Coalition of DA Carson and Tim Keller adopted Yarhouse as their own. This is why, not only are our seminaries in trouble, but our churches and denominations are in trouble on this all important issue: the VOICE of TGC and REVOICE are the same VOICE.

Yarhouse is currently the Chair of the task force on LGBT issues for Division 36 (Psychology of Religion and Spirituality) of the American Psychological Association. He was recently invited to write the featured white paper on sexual identity for the Christ on Campus Initiative edited by Don A. Carson for The Gospel Coalition.”



What Yarhouse said to Revoice audience:

NOTE how Yarhouse reinforces the victim and sexual minority narratives of the Revoice audience and the movements leaders who are blaming the church for lack of understanding. This was the message of most of the middle portion of his speech.

Yarhouse topic is his new book Costly Obedience: What We Can Learn From the Celibate Gay Christian Community. No surprises there.

The interpretation of his message here is simply that LGBTQ+ people who commit to the historic Christian ethic, i.e. celibacy or mixed orientation marriage while identifying and desiring homosexual relationships, carry a MUCH heaver burden and big big cross in their obedience, and obedience that's much more costly than us heterosexuals. They are building Christian Character while the rest of us who refuse the unbiblical narrative are the problem and the agent of their trials and growth.

His opening statement and what follows is very insightful.

The reason I wrote this book is to thank you for the ways in which… the ways in which… the ways…. in which you say no to something everyday to say yes to something else has been a source of great encouragement to me as a Christian.

Many Things I deal with in life, I get a pass and... and you don’t.

There IS something that comes from that over time, it builds a certain CHRISTIAN CHARACTER.

We never thought to talk to people to people (in a study of 300 seminary graduates pastors who affirm) who have become family to you.

How often pastors and people who are navigating same sex sexuality (i.e. homosexual orientation) are speaking past one another …and are so ill equipped.

I can’t imagine how hard it is for you when there is no relationship and the letters or emails or tweets are antagonistic and coming from anything but a place of care and trust. Or framed as if they were, but are antagonistic.

Social media can amplify the worst elements of the human condition between people who don’t even love one another but claim the name of Christ.


Neil (one study participant) talked about one you all know too well “Guilt by Association”… for conservative churches you are still too far out there. The minute you are gay you are already put in a separate league from people who are straight.

Minute 24: For humor, Yarhouse uses a NC Hurricane weather man acting like he is in a massive wind gust in a viral video to show the calm walking of the Revoice celibate gay Christian types in the background and admitting to his own research being lacking in the kinds of elevations of hurricane force winds that might have been promised. Laughter resounded from the Revoice crowd as they were championed as the stable influence in this cultural debate and to validate MORE RESEARCH.

In the end, in their ”struggle”, Gay Christians are portrayed as Jacob wrestling with God and demanding the blessing while enduring Suffering and Trials which are building endurance and Strong Christian Character in Christians who are ready for anything.


Building your stories… "Friends, that has been your testimony to me. You are the very people who, when you say no time and time again, to say yes to something else. You build the kind of Christian Character that strengthens you (saying no to your unchanging homoesexual desires) and that has been a source of encouragement (not to mention a career) to me and is THE VERY THING NEEDED to strengthen the WITNESS OF THE CHURCH TODAY.”

No mention is made of the gay affirming APA interfaith (not specific to Christian faith or the Word of God) work of Yarhouse or of the Revoice activist demands to change the language of the church from Biblical and Historic norms on the sin and impact of homosexuality and gender rebellion. Yarhouse leaves off the purpose stated by Revoice leaders which is “Promoting LGBT+ Flourishing in Historic Christian Traditions."

No, the only chord struck by Yarhouse at Revoice 2019 is that “gay Christianity” is the norm because homosexuality is not impacted or changed by the Gospel (at least not in seminaries TGC/ Yarhouse haunt). Yarhouse boast that celibate gay Christians are the ones leading the church forward today. Identifying by and longing after homosexual desires builds Christian Character. That is the message of Yarhouse, Revoice and all under the sway of The Gospel Coalition.


By the lead up to Revoice 2019, the website had doctrinal statements and leader names and bios. Yarhouse was listed on the Revoice Leadership Advisory Council. He is no longer listed. No one has spoken to or offered the reason(s) why he “has left the building”.


Note that Christianity Today’s review of Yarhouse's Costly Obedience was written by TGC contributor ED Shaw. Shaw is a TGC LGBTQ+ Sam Allberry co-founder at Living Out for Gay Christians of the UK.

In the CT review, Ed Shaw of TGC and Living Out says:

Being a celibate gay Christian means being an object of suspicion. The wider LGBTQ community sees you as shockingly conservative (“You think gay sex is wrong?”), while the wider evangelical community sees you as worryingly liberal (“You call yourself gay?”).

One day, someone will be expressing disgust toward your “fundamentalist” beliefs. On the next, someone else is targeting your “perverted” sexual orientation. Disparate groups see you as an existential threat, and their attacks can be fierce, as recent online responses to conferences like Revoice and ministries like Spiritual Friendship and Living Out would attest.


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