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The Slur of Christian Nationalism | John Zmirak

John Zmirak returns for another episode of The Big Brown Gadfly with Bobby Lopez to discuss the fact that Conservatives being accused of being Christian Nationalists and whether it's even a bad thing to be one. Clearly, the Left uses the term Christian Nationalism as a slur, attempting to tie it to White Nationalism. However, what does it actually mean to be a Christian Nationalist?

This is a part of a strategic agenda to discredit Conservative Christians who love God and love this Country. Instead of being intellectually honest and acknowledging that just because you vote for Trump or have an America First philosophy of government, doesn't mean that you've elevated Trump to worship status, nor does it mean that we are a racist group of people. America First simply refers to the role of the American government... specifically that America needs to take care of herself first, and then once our nation is protected and secure, then we can outreach. The problem is that most of our foreign policy implemented by the establishment is an America Last philosophy, which means that we are hurting our nation for the benefit of others.

It's not wrong to want to do what's best for your nation. Each nation should be putting its own interests first, followed by what is best for their allies. This is logical. John Zmirak and Bobby Lopez break down and expose not only the sinister tactics being used with this term Christian Nationalism, but also why we should all be Christian Nationalists!

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