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The Rot at the Seminaries | Bobby Lopez

Bobby Lopez joins this episode of Conversations with Jeff to discuss his chapter in the new book Church & State: How the Left Used the Church to Conquer America. His chapter specifically exposes the infiltration of the Left into Evangelical Seminaries, which then influences the broader church.

The Left is smart in that they aren't going to change the minds of the everyday Christians... at least right off the bat. They are targeting the most influential people, who can then change minds themselves. This is why they've targeted academia and the seminaries... if you change the minds of a hundred pastors to accept Progressive Ideology, then you've now change the focus of a hundred churches and their congregations.

Bobby also shares his concerns with the Conservative Movement's attempt to deal with academia, which he believes is taking the wrong approach. Following the path forged by Charlies Kirk and Ben Shapiro is not the way to go, according to Bobby. They aren't actually getting down to the root problem. Conservative professors are few and far between, and are not protected in their jobs from Liberal persecution. Bobby has been calling on President Trump to actually take an active role in protecting conservative professors, and goes into detail on what he believes needs to happen to see actual change.

To order your copy of the book Church & State: How the Left Used the Church to Conquer America, go to and use code BOBBY at checkout for 10% off.


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