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The Roots of Critical Race Theory

By Patrick "No Compromise With Evil" Wyett Well, Critical Race Theory is a subset of actual Critical Theory, and Critical Theory goes back to the central theme of what’s called Cultural Marxism. To understand Cultural Marxism, first you have to understand Marxism. Karl Marx and Frederick Engles came together and they based some of their ideas on a French philosopher who talked about socialism, and then also a German philosopher Hegle who talked about societies only advance through opposing ideas clashing together and then you have a synthesis or a conclusion of those two ideas merging.

So Karl Marx and Frederick Engles in 1848 printed the Communist Manifesto. In this was outlined their 10 Planks to change society fundamentally. Now, there’s was an attack on the economic system. They wanted to fundamentally change the economic system to a system that they called communism or socialism.

Karl Marx stated, “My objective in life is to dethrone God and destroy Capitalism.” So that gives you a pretty good idea what Marxism is all about. As I said, he was militantly atheist, so these two themes, which goes back to beyond Karl Marx, back to Satan, of course. Capitalism a system by which God blessed the world, economically speaking. And, of course, we know who God is and His Word coming through the Western Civilization. That’s where you saw the attacks more towards whites, because Western Civilization was how the Gospel was spread throughout the world. So, Marx had these ideas, as far as that system. They saw fruition with Lenin taking over Russia in a Communist Revolution rising up the peasants against the people in charge, the “oppressed” vs the “oppressors”.

Along comes Antonio Gramsci and some other thinkers who realize that the Revolution they just saw in Russia wasn’t going to work in the Western World or the United States. They had to come up with another form of Marxism, and this is where Cultural Marxism was born. It wasn’t quite called that under Gramsci, but Gramsci was a Communist leader in Italy. He was actually imprisoned by the fascists when they came into power. He surmised that Western Civilization had its roots in Christianity for 2000 years. For any sort of revolution of Marxism to occur here and be successful, the roots had to be cut.

This article is taken from The Shining Light Podcast, hosted by Sam Jones and Patrick "No Compromise With Evil" Wyett. You can listen to the entire episode here:

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