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The real political realignment is masculinity vs effemininity

With the election results trickling in, while the winner is yet known at the top of the ticket, a lot of inferences about our culture can be made by the results that we know. What we can tell from the data is that there is some sort of realignment in our culture, one that has been undergone since prior to the election itself.

We are seeing an emasculation of our culture, and if you hold a biblical worldview, this fact is not surprising. but allow me to reset the definition of masculinity at its basic elements that we see in Scripture. In Genesis 2 we see authority (Genesis 2:20). In Genesis 3, we see accountability. Eve was deceived (1 Timothy 2:13-14) while Adam defied God (Genesis 2:17) which is why God confronts Adam first (Genesis 3:9). Adam's rejection of responsibility is unmanly as his excuse is hollow. At the conclusion of the the fall of man we see the masculine element of labor has been cursed to be far more painstaking. Indeed, it was never God's design for man to do nothing, as Adam had already made progress naming animals, and we should not presume to think that Heaven will consist of idleness either.

In our culture, we see a massive confusion on the issue of authority. It starts from a lack of fear of the Lord. It tickles down from there. We pawn the responsibility of raising our kids to the state in many important developmental aspects. Our churches generally refuse their own Ecclesiastical authority deferring to the self and family to confront sin. The process of Matthew 18 is nonexistent in many churches. In fact, churches in America, in large part, are operating as though their governor is head of the church. The state believes it has the authority to define life, marriage, and rights. And the self believes that rights are untethered from responsibilities.

The issue with accountability starts from the absence of believing that we are accountable to God for our actions, attitudes, and motivations. This is often what drives us to sin. This manifests itself in a society that believes in denying or limiting personal responsibility.

The labor element is the most under attack specifically in 2020. Mike Rowe best known for being from Dirty Jobs has well documented what he calls a war on work. In 2020, we saw a massive Operation Barbarossa in this war with the lockdowns. The government compelled people to not work through force. This is an evil policy. And then the government paid people more to not work. This effectively emasculated our culture.

We live in a society where we are afraid of a virus that is no worse than the flu and because of our fear we are willing to kill far more people through lockdown, abuse our elderly with restrictions, and compel mask usage all so that we feel like good people. This is effeminate. And while it is not the same type of effeminate that pushes homoerotic fashion trends on men's magazines or turns male characters into oafs for "strong female characters," it is the precursor that allows for things like that to happen.

Critical Race Theory is another area where men become effeminate. We are too afraid to speak truth of what the Bible says because we will offend woke black people. We are not accountable for the sins of previous generation. We are not guilty of sin for materially benefiting from said sin of previous generations. Recognizing the sins we are guilty of is masculine. Dan Cathy shining Lacrae's shoes to atone for the sins of white people is effeminate.

The unwillingness in our culture to confront the evil that is going on is effeminate. That is why I went hard in defending Kyle Rittenhouse who is exceedingly masculine because when the government refused to do its job, he went up to Kenosha, Wisconsin to protect other people's property. Men should be more like that seventeen year old and less like your megachurch pastor wearing skinny jeans that's on the television.

And this election shows that is where the real divide is. As Evangelical elites like John Piper, JD Greear, and David Platt all try to sooth the conscience of Joe Biden voters, the latter two also try to appease or advance Critical Race Theory and woke evangelicalism. Church leaders are unwilling to confront the unbiblical worldviews that are rampant in their own congregations, thus proliferating them. White people, especially in the suburbs, are becoming effeminate.

Among nonwhite people in our society, we can glimpse a silent majority of people who reject this effeminate cultural movement. Republicans made gains with nonwhite voters according to the results, while losing ground with white voters particularly men if exit polls are to be believed.

I have often said that white Christians have far more in common with nonwhites than they do woke whites. And 2020 election results validate this. But with Trump we see that political bases are mercurial by nature. The Trump bravado that alienates white women attracts black and Hispanic men. Why? Because unless you're a David French type, men recognize that their are more important things than mean Tweets.

The culture is rife with division, ultimately a division not according to gender, but a division on what it is and means to be a man or a woman. The Satanic side that promotes transgenderism also wants to emasculate men and destroy the femininity of women. The other side does not. It's composed of men who want to be men and women who want to be women. And for men, the choice to be on the side of masculinity is not only a moral obligation but a means of self preservation against a culture that seeks to emasculate you.

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