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The Plague of Government Healthcare

Listen up people: the government is not your god, it's not your parents and it sure shouldn’t be your safety net. The government was originally set up to give people the individual freedoms so that they may individually reach out toward success. It was not formed to ensure you have the same things as your neighbors, a free education, nor was it there to provide you with free health care; shocker, I know.

So why was the government put into place? The US government was put into place to ensure that individuals can be heard and to have a voice in how the nation is run. The government was not placed to rule but, rather, to serve. With this comes the assurance that no one man can rule over a multitude of people and affect their lifestyle. We, as individuals today, have the absolute highest potential to make ourselves into something great, we have the technology to basically know whatever it is we want to know about anything in the palm of our hands, we can travel anywhere we want, and live wherever we want to live. There is no excuse for anyone to be failing in the pursuit of a better life. We, as individuals, also have the responsibility to protect our families and our nation from those who seek to do us harm.

Why do I bring all this up? I bring it up because the left is literally flocking to a socialist ideology that would see to destroy our rights as United States citizens. It would literally destroy the social fabric that makes this country what it is. This would take away your ability to bring a better life to your family and loved ones, crush the ambitions of innovative thinking, and limit what it is you do daily. In the coming weeks, I want to touch on a few topics that the government has its hands in way to deep, starting with health care.

Bernie Sanders is out there parading that Health Care is a human right. He claims that nobody should have to pay for healthcare and that everyone should just receive it. This ideology, brought into focus to the United States through Obama with Obamacare, has already proven to be disastrous, raising insurance premiums and FORCING Americans to purchase a good and penalizing those who do not, oh and ummmm… you don’t get to keep your doctor. This is a garbage policy with the stench of negligence, but it is just a taste of what the left truly wants, free health care for all, that is paid for by the American people in the form of taxation by force.

You, as an individual, should be responsible for your own health, as well as your own healthcare. If you're visiting the doctor due to an unhealthy lifestyle, why should that be my problem? Get in shape or hit the gym, take some ownership as to how you live your life and get off the couch. This is absolute negligence on your part, and to force that upon society because you can’t take care of yourself is absolute laziness. Take a walk, get involved with your community, pick up a sport, do something to move around. I fail to see how this should be the responsibility of the taxpayer to ensure your health when you can’t even put down the fries and take responsibility yourself. Our body was given to us by God, we are to have respect for what we were given by God and to take care of it. Don’t take your body for granted, respect it.

Regarding illnesses and things that may occur. Everyone gets sick now and again with things ranging from allergic reactions to head colds, to the flu, and of course more serious ailments such as cancer. We all know this. So why wouldn’t you be responsible enough to purchase the insurance you need to cover these costs. It seems that negligence on your part for not being insured and then all the sudden being surprised by a doctor’s visit shouldn’t be my problem either. Granted, there are times and situation that can be thrust upon you that make these bills extremely difficult to pay for and can often throw a person into a very rough patch financially. This is still not the time for government to step in and force Randy down the street to pay for your medical procedure. So, what then?

This is a time for charity to come into play to help people with these needs, it’s a time for the community to come together and help with what they can, and last, but surely not least, this is the moment for the church to step into the community and help support those who truly need it. We are so broken and self-absorbed that many people can’t possibly think of giving to those in need. This isn’t a government problem, it’s a society problem, a community problem and, yes, a church problem. If we can’t even take care of the people within our own communities, why in the world are we trying to force people to take care of the nation and not a case by case instance. The church needs to forget the fancy pulpit, the exorbitant communion dishes, the massive building with 2-8 gyms and start focusing on outreaching toward the community. Quit relying on Government to fix the everyday needs of individuals, and start fixing that stuff yourself.

The other thing is, you notice how most these people crying for a handout are the people who need the handout? These are the people who are too lazy to act themselves. According to the National Review and the Huffington Post, most charity foundations are run by conservative personalities and not the Left. So, before you start implying that somebody else should be forced into helping you, it would be smart to look to those who are willing to help you.

The other thing that should be looked at as an important part of this conversation is the doctors and nurses themselves. They went through years and years of medical school and spent thousands of dollars on their education so they could help people, and now someone is wanting to force them to perform an operation for free? Doctors make good money for a very good reason: it takes in depth training, research, and studying to perfect this field of work. Doctors being paid so well drives the initiative for them to be the absolute best at their job. We, in America, have the absolute best medical treatment in the entire world because money is indeed a motivator, and if these people worked their butts off in college to achieve this job, then they absolutely deserve every penny they earn. Who are you to say that you deserve their time and skill because you think it’s a right?

In closing, the government’s responsibility regarding healthcare is not to take care of you or ensure you of your own health. Rather it's to allow capitalism to take its course, and reduce restrictions, allowing the competition to flourish within the free market society. We, as individuals, should take ownership of our own well-being as well as our own financial safety net through privatized insurance companies. The government has no place here. Where there is slack the church and society should preform its part within reason.

The Truth is often a hard pill to Swallow.

Feel free to follow me on twitter @str8whiteshoe. #government #healthcare #obamacare #liberty #constitution #gatekeepers #politics #conservative #barackobama #obama #hospital #doctor #medicine #medical #HuffingtonPost #NationalReview #government #schumann #personalresponsibility #affordablecareact #socialism #capitalism