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The only two logical alternatives to the boogeyman of "Christian dominionism"

So much complaining against "dominionism" these days from pietists and advocates of the "two-kingdoms" failure born during the mixed-bag imperfections of the Reformation era. But you bring next to nothing to the table in 2021. (Which is to say you bring the now evident failure of pietism - along with a status quo religious pride that won't admit the glaringly rotten fruit it produced... so nothing improves in the west).

There are only two logical alternatives to the boogeyman of "Christian dominionism":

1) We keep the current "Humanist theocracy" or "Satanic dominionism" that has murdered more than 60 million little babies. Strangely, pietists are more aggresively opposed to Christian dominionism than they appear to be opposed to Satanic dominionism. This seems clear if I judge by observation of their aggressive, public attacks against God's law v. their MIA status in American politics. (When you do find some inconsistent pietist meandering around in politics, they are usually bragging about their lesser-evilisms and denigrating the authority of Exodus 18:21).

2) We promote a less consistent, more benevolent "Secularist theocracy" exactly as the Herodians whom Jesus rebuked? Selah... Like what we promoted here 75 years ago - a "pro-life" secularism that allegedly eschews all religious influence (like the libertines already attempted which led to what we became today - a Satan-ruled, disasterous, liberty-trouncing empire that smells like Babylonian death).

No thanks. I'll happily remain one called a "dominionist" as a pejorative. I'd rather be called names by a useless, feminized Christianity than celebrated by the reigning "Dominionists" of Beelzebub.

Satan is stepping on your face, my beloved critics. I much prefer stepping on his. (Luke 10:19).

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