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The New Reformation

In this premiere live episode Dustin Faulkner brings to you the facts about the world around Christianity and the capitulation to Marxism and its takeover in America. In this you will be exhorted to take back you churches and preserve the last beacon of religious freedom that is America.

With so many Evangelical Leaders turning their back on Biblical theology, we are seeing the selling out and the truly corrupt nature of these supposed pastors, we are entering dangerous territory as a nation and as the Church. The widespread acceptance of Social Justice, Cultural Marxism and Democrat policies into the church is setting us up for a false church preaching a false Gospel.

With how much Progressive politics have blended together with Biblical terminology, it is virtually impossible to separate the two. As Christians, we must fight this battle, as this is a spiritual war for the soul of our nation. We must reject these false teachings coming from our leaders and potentially even forge a new path as The Church… It’s time for a New Reformation!



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