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The Modern Doomsday Preachers

A Doomsday Preacher is one who sets a date on when the world is going to end and encourages people to do irrational actions either out of fear or irresponsibility. Today, we have a new breed of these religious fanatics, but it isn’t out of the traditional religious world. It's from the world of “Science”. These modern Doomsday Preachers are those who are pushing the narrative of Climate Change. This was perhaps brought to the front of the populous mind when The Green New Deal hit the top of the news media like a cleanup batter hits a hanging curveball. This is a major problem in our culture and we need to address it.

The irrational actions that are being called for abound, but I will point out two that really could devastate our nation and echo to the rest of the world. The first is the destruction of the United States economy. It is estimated that the Green New Deal (GND) would cost 8-12 trillion dollars in 2020. That equates to $52,000- $72,000 per household! I don’t know about you, but I don’t have $50k to just throw at the environment. What is the real reason behind this push to spend an enormous amount of money? It is to ruin our economy and force us to become a socialist state that is completely dependent upon the government.

The second irrational action that is being pushed by this Climate Change ideology is actually a much more nefarious plot against our culture and nation: it is to dramatically decrees the population. The new Birth Strike movement illustrates this well. It is a small movement, but isn’t that true with all Doomsday movements? What is their goal? To fix the climate before they bring children into this world, because they don’t want their children to have to deal with wildfires, droughts, and a shortage of food. Irrational Doomsday talk; they are religious nuts.

About a year ago we had one of these Doomsday preachers come to our local library to talk about Climate Change. This man is a professor of geography from the University of Northern Iowa. His name is Dr. David May. I want to give you a few quotes from his talk that show the motives and the bologna of Climate Change.

The first quote really shows how this is the furthest thing from science that it could possibly be: “It’s cherry picking the data, but again we don’t have much data, so we need to use all we can if we are going to make these conclusions.” They do not have enough data to make an accurate assessment, which is why Climate Change has been packaged as both global warming and global cooling at different times. This is why they have changed their Doomsday date several times. According to them, we were supposed be destroyed decades ago, in some cases! Also, notice in the quote how the conclusion is made before the data is interpreted. This is nothing more than a political agenda.

The next two quotes go hand in hand, “If we really want to make a change, we need to tackle methane.” And then, “There are too many people on the planet.” When the talk of methane comes in, the big discussion is always on cows. However, if we eliminate cows, it still won’t be enough, which is why these Doomsday preachers believe there are too many people on the planet. Is there a more effective way to destroy a culture than to tell them that they have too many people? Look at how leftists treat life: they tell people not to have babies, then they tell them to kill babies through abortion and infanticide, and finally they tell us that the old and weak shouldn’t have the right to live; all for the betterment of society! If you kill off western society, you can take it over and reshape it in the image that you want to build, which is the real goal of these wicked people.

One final quote I want us to examine, “If we burned all of the natural gases, it will take 800 years to return back to normal climate cycles.” Here is the big beef: if you believe in Climate Change, you no doubt believe in evolution. What is 800 years if you believe the earth is 4 billion years old? For a group of people that are cherry picking facts and viewing the world through the lens of Darwin, this just doesn’t makes sense. To be clear, I believe in a literal six-day creation as was described in Genesis, but try to look through the lens of these crazed individuals and you will find that they are nothing more than Doomsday preachers trying to get people to do irrational things to destroy the United States by taking away prosperity and people.

What do you do when you hear a Doomsday preacher? You denounce them as crazy and take away all of their credibility. This is what we must do to those who are pushing Climate Change, they are nothing more than religious whacks who want to create fear and drive people to do irrational things. Beware of these Doomsday preachers.

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