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The modern doctor is the fascist enforcer of the new vaccinated state of the global Transhumanist

The humanist medical establishment’s overreliance upon man-created potions, injections, liquid medicines and pills purchased, with (and without) FDA approval will be viewed, a thousand years from today, with the same embarrassment we hold as we look back upon the African witchdoctors confronted by Dr. Livingston more than a hundred and fifty years ago.

Much of the chemical compounds you can purchase down at the local pharmacy right now, may someday be conceivably held in as much contempt, as we now hold Stanley’s Snake Oil Liniment introduced in the 1893 Chicago World's Fair.

The modern doctor will either be forced to accept that he is the crescendo of an origin story: Serpent, to occultist, to witchdoctor, to alchemist & magician, to top-salesman of the modern pharmacy, to bully and fascist enforcer of the new vaccinated state of the global Transhumanist Empire.


He can embrace an honorable Christian heritage and defend human liberties which produce good science.

Excerpt taken from Sermon 1, Homecoming 2021: Artificial

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