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The family bloodline that orchestrated homosexuality, lesbianism and pedophilia in America

It is difficult to conclude this brief exposé on the history of progressive politics and how it has infiltrated the Church, because there is much more to say. Readers will be well served to investigate the history of the Church and the relationship between it and the US Federal Government, the wealthy foundations, and Marxist Communism over the last one hundred years.

It is clear from what is discussed above that foundations and the US Federal Government have worked together tirelessly to destroy the Judeo–Christian foundation upon which this nation was built and by which this nation was a light to the world in so many positive ways. Part of their joint plan was to infiltrate and utilize the Church as a primary cultural change agent. This subject needs to be more fully studied, written about, and discussed among Christians.

Marxism has been part of the Protestant Church in America for decades. Edgar C. Bundy reveals that:

In 1919 the New York State Joint Legislative Committee to Investigate Seditious Activities within the state was set up. This committee was headed by state Senator Clayton R. Lusk. It pro- duced a monumental work of four volumes of over 1000 pages each, giving evidence of the infiltration of subversive forces within the State of New York. This committee report was published on April 24, 1920. On the subject of Communist infiltration, Part One has this to say:

There are two dangerous centers of Revolutionary Socialist teaching of a university type in ecclesiastical institutions. One is the Union Theological Seminary of New York [funded by the Rock- efellers], where Christian Ethics are taught by Dr. Harry F. Ward.... Dr. Ward is the author of The New Social Order, in which he shows a decided sympathy for Socialist social forms and is friendly to Bolshevism in Russia. He also wrote The Labor Movement, which contained addresses delivered before the Boston School of Theology, when he was professor of social science at that institution. He expressed in it approval of the I.W.W. [Industrial Workers of the World]. It is reported in a recent issue of the National Civic Federation Review that he gave his endorsement to the new gospel of Bolshevism, which he considers a spiritual movement replac- ing the outworn Christianity of the Russian Orthodox Church. He characterized the cognate I.W.W. “philosophy” as the most ideal and practical Christian philosophy since the days of Jesus Christ, and as expressing the ideas of Christ much more closely than any church of the present day.

The activities of Dr. Ward, as shown in other parts of this re- port, are entirely consistent with this point of view. He is chairman of the American Civil Liberties Union, which champions the I.W.W., and presided over the I.W.W. meeting of Feb. 9, 1920, held at the Rand School.... He has also been prominent in numerous pacifist and radi- cal societies such as the Fellowship of Reconciliation, the Emergency Peace Conference and People’s Council, the Liberty Defense Union.

Dr. Ward is also connected with the Y.M.C.A., the Y.W.C.A., and the InterChurch World Movement.

Bundy summarizes The Congressional Record on Investigation of Communist Activities in the New York City Area (Parts 6–8): Hearing Before The Committee on Un–American Activities House of Representatives, 83rd Congress, First Session July 7 and 8, and July 13 and 14, 1953, with the following transcript:

The lectures which Dr. Ward made in China date back to 1925, beginning just after he had been to Moscow. Preparation for the fall of China to the Communists was being made in the early 1920’s, when the Kremlin’s Colonial School for training leaders in the take–over of other countries was functioning fully, although China was not won by the Communists until late 1949.

The Communist program is a long–range one. It may take many years to implement its tactics and strategy, but its objectives never change. This clergyman, Dr. Harry F. Ward, not only had a powerful influence in the American churches, through The Federal Council of Churches, softening up his own country with Communist propaganda, but he went overseas to help to prepare China, with its 500 million souls, for eventual capture by communism. Men in the pulpit will not tell their people these things, and the people do not even know that testimony upon them is available.

We continue the testimony from pages 2084 and 2085 of the record.

Mr. KUNZIG: What kind of an organization was the Methodist Federation for Social Action, and how did it differ from a Communist– front organization?

Mr. GITLOW: The Methodist Federation for Social Action, originally called the Methodist Federation for Social Service, was first organized by a group of Socialist, Marxist clergymen of the Methodist church headed by Dr. Harry F. Ward. Dr. Ward was the organizer, for almost a lifetime its secretary and actual leader. He at all times set its ideological and political pattern. Its objective was to transform the Methodist Church and Christianity into an instrument for the achievement of socialism. It was established in 1907, 12 years before the organization of the Communist Party in the United States in 1919.

The outbreak of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in November 1917 had a tremendous effect upon the Socialist ministers of this organization and especially upon Dr. Ward. When the Communist Party was organized in 1919, Dr. Ward was already a convinced Communist with a few insignificant minor reservations. By 1920 he was already, though not yet a member of the Communist Party, cooperating and collaborating with the Communist Party.

This collaboration of Dr. Ward with the Communist Party was reflected in the expressions and activities of the Methodist Federation for Social Action. The inner hard core of the Methodist Federation consisted, up to the time Jack R. McMichael, a member and leader of the Young Communist League, was elected its executive secretary, after Dr. Ward had relinquished his post, of a Communist cell headed by Ward, which functioned under the direction of the Communist Party.

Mr. KUNZIG: What were the connections between the Methodist Federation for Social Action and the two Communist–front organizations you mentioned that played such an important role in the Communist infiltration of religion?

Mr. GITLOW: In the first place, the Methodist Federation for Social Action was affiliated with and collaborated more closely with the American League Against War and Fascism, and the American League for Peace and Democracy, and the American Youth Congress. 115–118

Mr. KUNZIG: Did Dr. Ward use his position as chairman of the American League Against War and Fascism to aid the Communist conspiracy for the infiltration of the churches?

Mr. GITLOW: He did.

There are a few resources available to readers for their research. Many of them are found in the footnoted information in this chapter. The late Carroll Quigley produced one of the best examinations of the inner workings and secret relationships between the US Federal Government, British Government, US and European financial institutions, and the foundations created for the express purpose of changing governments and cultures around the world toward a globalist, internationalist, centrally controlled socialist civil and economic model.

Quigley confirms what has already been stated throughout this chapter, namely that the wealthy American oligarchy took steps to ensure their wealth was increased and safeguarded at the expense of the average American:

More than fifty years ago, the Morgan firm decided to infiltrate the Left– wing political movements in the United States. This was relatively easy to do, since these groups were starved for funds and eager for a voice to reach the people. Wall Street supplied both.44

The associations between Wall Street and the Left...are really survivals of the associations between the Morgan Bank and the Left. To Morgan, all political parties were simply organizations to be used, and the firm always was careful to keep a foot in all camps. Morgan himself, Dwight Morrow, and other partners were allied with the Republicans; Russell C. Leffingwell was allied with the Democrats; Grayson Murphy was allied with the extreme right; and Thomas W. Lamont was allied with the Left.

In 1951 the Subcommittee on Internal Security of the Senate Judiciary Committee, the so–called McCarran Committee, sought to show that China had been lost to the Communists by the deliberate actions of a group of academic experts on the Far East and Communist fellow travelers whose work in that direction was controlled and coordinated by the Institute of Pacific Relations (IPR). The influence of the Communists in IPR is well established, but the patronage of Wall Street is less well known.

The IPR was a private association of ten independent national councils in ten countries concerned with affairs in the Pacific. The headquarters of the IPR and of the American Council of IPR were both in New York and were closely associated on an interlocking basis. Each spent about $2.5 million dollars over the quarter–century from 1925 to 1950, of which about half, in each case came from the Carnegie Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation (which were themselves interlocking groups controlled by an alliance of Morgan and Rockefeller interests in Wall Street).

One authur leaves no doubt about the avarice of the Foundations:

People must understand that the funding for so much of what goes on today comes, at least in the United States, from our great tax–exempt foundations, such as the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation and the Pew Foundation. They have fabulous amounts of money—hundreds of billions of dollars—which they then disseminate to religious, political and cultural organizations. Their priority is to change the message of the Christian churches. They’ve certainly infiltrated the Catholic Church and her seminaries; indeed, their agents are working at the highest levels of the Catholic Church today, which is why that Church has protected the pedophile priests who have been molesting boys here in America. In the Protestant churches, they’ve done similar things; they’ve changed the message there, too. People who want to be ministers go to seminaries, and there they learn what they think is the truth. But they don’t understand this: if you want to change the message of the Protestant faith, you must infiltrate the seminaries with people who will subtly change the message while merely professing to believe in Christianity.

The Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations are especially culpable for their funding of eugenics, birth control, and abortion. E. Michael Jones reveals that:

By 1932, Margaret Sanger had become completely attached to the goals of the eugenics movement, partially because she was being funded by the plutocrat aristocracy...On March 1, 1934...John D. Rockefeller III, scion of the Rockefeller family, wrote his father urging him, in spite of shutting down the Bureau of Social Hygiene, to continue his support of both the American Birth Control League, which was to get $10,000, and Sanger’s National Association of Federal Legislation, which was to get $1000...Eventually John D. Rockefeller III would go on to create the Population Council in the early ‘50s, which would fund the research that would come up with both the pill and the IUD...In 1942, in reaction to the bad name that eugenics had got by its association with National Socialism in Germany, the American Birth Control League changed its name to Planned Parenthood...In 1943 Planned Parenthood launched its “Negro Program,” a nation–wide educational program” whose purpose was “creating among Negroes a greater understanding of the importance of Planned Parenthood to their health and welfare and economic security” and, of course, to reduce their birthrate by persuading them to use contraception...On December 26, 1945, Packard wrote to Morris Hadley of Planned Parenthood, informing him that John D. Rockefeller III had made a contribution of $2500 to support PP’s Harlem Project, which was “to provide an example for other Negro communities” on how to reduce their numbers through the use of contraception.

Have you considered that three of the most fiercely argued issues of our time: sexual deviancy, abortion, and illegal immigration are all supported by tax exempt foundations? This is not coincidence. Homosexuality, lesbianism, and pedophilia have been orchestrated since the 1940s by the Rockefeller Foundation.

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