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The Facade of Covid-19… What’s Really Going On?

Nothing is as it seems. Covid-19 has proven that. In fact, it’s a facade on so many different levels. What’s presented in public is not what’s really going on in the shadows.

I recently was a guest on Dr Mike Live, a show hosted by Dr Mike Spaulding on my Christian podcast network, The GateKeepers. We discussed a lot of the misinformation and attempted to decipher what’s truly going on. We both agreed that virtually everything about covid-19 is a facade.

The first facade is that covid-19 is a naturally occurring virus that jumped from bats to humans due to bat soup being sold in the street markets in Wuhan, China. The reality, as we all know, is that it is a bioweapon developed using gain-of-function research in order to make it more transmissible to humans.

The second facade is that the vaccines will protect you from contracting and spreading covid, along with the keeping you out of the hospital and from dying. Despite this being the mainstream narrative, the data and statistics prove otherwise. With breakthrough cases soaring and people dying left and right who’ve gotten jabbed, this one should be easy to see through.

The third facade is that the vaccines are safe and have minimal side effects. This is a lie from the pits of hell. If you look at the VAERS data, it’s clear that there are massive amounts of serious side effects and tens of thousands of people dying from these Poison Death Shots. On a personal level, I know more people that have gone to the emergency room for serious side effects from the vaccine than have gone from covid.

The fourth facade is one you may not have thought about. It’s that the vaccines are the Mark of the Beast. While the way that the globalist elites are implementing the vax appears reminiscent of the Mark prophecied about in the Book of Revelation, it’s clear that this is just a knockoff attempt to use the same Satanic strategy to force people to get injected. If this was the Mark of the Beast, anyone who gets the jab would understand that they are swearing allegiance to the antichrist. That’s clearly not happening.

There are many other facades surrounding covid-19. It’s important that we use our critical thinking skills in order to not just accept what the mainstream media is feeding us, but take a deeper dive into what’s really going on. This also means that we don’t believe every conspiracy theory that’s thrown our way. Rather, we take a look at the evidence being presented and compare it with what we know to be true. Always think about was is provable and probable, as opposed to what just confirms your preconceived bias.

Dr Mike Spaulding is a true man of God who has much wisdom when it comes to what’s going on in the world. I highly recommend that you tune into his weekly show Dr Mike Live every Monday afternoon at 6pm ET at

While there’s a lot of misinformation out there in regards to how to prevent and treat covid-19, I can only share my experience of taking supplements prescribed by my doctor, such as Zinc, Quercetin, Vitamin D and Vitamin C. Fortunately, Dr Zelenko has developed a one-stop-shop of sorts to ensure you are getting all of these vitamins and supplements you need to boost your immune system. Order a bottle of Z-Stack at using code FREEDOM for a 5% discount.

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