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The Evangelical Elite have Destroyed the Church

In October, I spoke at the Stand Against Marxism Conference, alongside prominent vocal critics of Marxism such as Trevor Loudon, Steve Deace, Phil Haney and several others, including fellow GateKeeper Pastor Sam Jones. The focus of my talk was breaking down Matthew 23, explaining how Jesus’ earthly ministry was primarily focused on exposing the Religious Elite of His day for all to see.

During this talk, I stated that we were approaching the time for another Reformation. During Jesus’ day, He and His disciples broke away from the Jewish faith to establish Christianity, which I describe as the First Reformation. Then, following Martin Luther’s stand, we saw the Second Reformation.

During both of those time periods, we saw the visible church of that time abusing their followers and using religion for their own personal benefit. Martin Luther called out the Catholic Church’s use of indulgences to profit off of promises that they could not keep regarding limiting punishment for sin in purgatory.

In Matthew 21:13, Jesus publicly cleared out the Temple in response to the religious leaders profiting off of cheating those within the Jewish faith as they were attempting to come offer their sacrifices to God. “‘My house shall be called a house of prayer,’ but you make it a den of robbers.”

We are at that moment today of needing a Third Reformation. The modern-day Evangelical Elites are so far removed from Biblical Christianity, it’s not even funny. The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, run by Albert Mohler, is claiming to be conservative all while pushing anti-biblical ideologies, even going so far as to fire professors for taking a stand on true Biblical Christianity. One example of this is my good friend Bobby Lopez, who recently joined The GK Podcast Network with his new show The Big Brown Gadfly. Bobby simply wanted to share his testimony of how God saved him, bringing him out of the homosexual lifestyle, to which the SBTS leadership attempted to silence him and ultimately fired him simply for sharing his experiences.

This is the kind of mentality that we have from the Elites. It needs to stop.

Then you have the fact that Christianity is just an industry… a way to make a lot of money if you can become a mega-church pastor. This kind of mentality hoards resources that should be going to actual ministry. Instead, these celebrity pastors are raking in millions upon millions of dollars every single year, becoming millionaires themselves… all off of the preaching of God’s Word. It’s easy to criticize Kenneth Copeland for his private jet, but what about your favorite celebrity pastor wearing his expensive suits, living in an expensive home and bringing in multiple 6 figure salaries from different organizations that he’s started?

Now is the time to break away and restart the one true Biblical Church in America. The current church system is nothing but breeding grounds for playing “the game”, building a mega-church, starting a teach ministry, writing books and getting on the conference circuit. It’s a money-making machine unlike any other.

So let’s consider joining forces with other like-minded believers, breaking away from the Christian Machine. Let’s stop going to the Evangelical Elite’s conferences, stop buying their books, stop going to their churches. Let’s start supporting the local pastor… the one who walks through life with his church congregation. Let’s promote smaller church size so that it’s actually a church family, not a giant corporation that’s just focused on the programs and multi-millions of dollars of donations.

Let’s get back to Biblical preaching from our pulpits, true worship and fellowship, encouraging each other as we continue on in our sanctification process. Let’s view church not as a Sunday outreach program, but as the true gathering of believers to be equipped and encouraged to go out into the world to do the work of ministry.

We, here at The GK, are going to do everything we can to help make this Reformation happen. We are joining forces with the right leaders to make this happen. Together, we can do this. Right now is the time to have our Martin Luther moment. Let’s get back to Biblical Christianity.

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