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The epic takeover of Liberty University | Dr Bobby Lopez | Conversations with Jeff #87

Dr Bobby Lopez joins this episode of Conversations with Jeff to discuss the latest "scandal" involving Jerry Falwell Jr and Liberty University. He shares with host Jeff Dornik that he believes this is a coup attempt to turn Liberty U into Woke U.

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The latest hot-button issue that is causing an uproar both within the political world and within Christianity is the ousting of Jerry Falwell Jr as the president of Liberty University. As most of you know, Falwell is a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump, which makes him a huge target of the Left. However, he's also the leader of probably the most influential Conservative Christian University in the country.

Dr Bobby Lopez, host of the podcast The Big Brown Gadfly on The GK Podcast Network, joined this episode of Conversations with Jeff to break down what he believes is really happening surrounding the takedown of Falwell as president of Liberty University. Bobby is concerned that the Woke crowd is blowing Falwell's flaws out of proportion in order to get him out of the way so that they might turn Liberty U into Woke U.

Bobby has experienced this kind of takeover personally. He was a professor at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and witnessed the takedown of Paige Patterson, who was at the helm of SWBTS. They used old statements that he had made many years ago, took them out of context, spliced them together to make it seem as if he was unfit to lead the seminary. Following his ousting, they ushered in a new president and began firing many of the conservative professors, including Dr Bobby Lopez. He was a threat to their narrative because of his true conservatism, as well as his testimony of God saving him out of the homosexual lifestyle, which they attempted to stop him from sharing.

Many of the same players are involved in taking out Paige Patterson are also involved in pushing Jerry Falwell Jr out of Liberty University, including Karen Swallow Prior. We are witnessing an attempt to hijack the university and takeover yet another conservative institution. This is a systematic takeover of the major institutions promoting biblical Christianity and true conservatism.

We have to fight back and not allow the Woke Progressives to gain any more ground. We must not allow them to use Cancel Culture to manipulate us into devouring our own. Remember, this is a battle for the soul of America & the Church.

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