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The End of Pulpit & Pen is Upon Us

Pulpit & Pen is no more. The “Rolex of Polemics Blogs” will no longer be attacking their (least) favorite pastors, Charismatics or SJWs. Founded by JD Hall, who set the tone for the site, P&P has built their reputation on vicious attacks against their enemies. I, myself, have been on the receiving end of several articles, all of which are premised around false information and partial truths.

Now, before you breathe a sigh of relief, the guys behind the site aren’t leaving the limelight. They’ve simply rebranded and have created a brand new site called Protestia. Dustin Germain explained their reasoning for the switch, which includes censorship from Facebook and Social Media companies. They’ll continue with business as usual over at Protestia and use Pulpit & Pen as an aggregator for Christian apologetics and polemics blogs.

In the article explaining the reason for leaving, Dustin claimed that:

Facebook isn’t merely putting a clamp on our Facebook pages, but blacklisting our URL, meaning that if you personally share our stuff, only a minimal amount of people will see it; it will not show up in their news feeds, they will have to type in your name and go look at your page (and what kind of weird creeper does that?).

(Update: according to Protestia’s Twitter account, JD Hall wrote the article quoted above, not Dustin Germain. The confusion comes from P&P/Protestia’s refusal to post the author’s name along with the article. We apologize for any confusion)

It will be interesting to see if this actually accomplishes anything. With Pulpit & Pen allegedly getting blacklisted, shifting the focus over to Protestia may be a short term fix. However, if they continue with the same content and messaging, I wouldn’t be surprised if this new site gets censored, as well.

This is the new world that we as Conservatives and Christians face. This is why we need to diversify our reach, not putting all of our eggs in one basket. If we want to continue to get our message out there to the world, we MUST stop relying on Big Tech so much. Find new innovative ways to reach the masses. If we can figure this out, we take all of the power away from these Big Social Media companies that are attempting to censor us and our message.


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