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The Deflection of the Evangelical Elite

Recently, Julie Roys posted an article breaking down the income sources for Pastor John MacArthur and his various ministries, highlighting just how wealthy he and his family have become as a result of their ministry empire of Grace Community Church, Grace To You, The Masters University & Seminary and various other organizations and offshoots of his teaching ministry. This episode of The GateKeepers Podcast takes a look not only at Julie's article, but at how the John MacArthur followers have responded... and let me tell you, it's not becoming of Christians.

As usual, we've seen Phil Johnson and his minions go on the attack, attempting to discredit Julie Roys on a personal level, which allows everyone to become distracted away from the issues and onto the messenger. This is standard procedure for Phil and the GTY staffers, as I've experienced personally. Instead of simply clearing up the issue, they make it into a dramatic feud, blowing things out of proportion and hurling wild accusations that are very rarely rooted in the truth.

Additionally, Phil also doxxed Julie's home address, which he tried to pass off an honest mistake. However, the evidence points to the fact that this may have been intentional, and his response to the doxxing was very similar to when he encouraged the doxxing of Brannon Howse a couple of years ago. This is a consistent theme... repeated behavior that shows a pattern. It would be so much more edifying to Christ had they simply responded with the truth instead of going on the attack. For a ministry named "Grace To You," you'd think they'd show a little more... well... grace.

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