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The Danger of Redefining Justice | Dr Cal Beisner

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Dr Cal Beisner joins this episode of Conversations with Jeff to discuss his booklet "Social Justice vs. Biblical Justice: How Good Intentions Undermine Justice and Gospel" where he makes the case that Social Justice literally changes the Gospel by redefining Biblical Justice.

Dr Cal Beisner is the founder of national spokesperson of the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation and has been a guest on Conversations a couple of times before, talking specifically about climate change and the bad science of a godless society. Today, however, there's a shift in the conversation as Jeff & Cal take a deep dive into the dangers of Social Justice, explaining just how dangerous it can be to both the Gospel and our society at large when you redefine what justice actually is.

We've seen the Left redefine so many words and terminology, even going so far as to redefining pro-life to mean anything BUT abortion, which Dr Beisner exposes as utter hypocrisy, as abortion is the intentional taking of a life, while many of the other "consistent pro-life" positions do not actually take away someone's life. With that said, it is objective truth that the killing of life is an ACTUAL justice issue.

When you redefine justice into the warped version promoted by Social Justice Warriors, this leads to subjective truth instead of absolute truth. Justice becomes whatever you want it to be based on your feelings instead of reality. When justice is no longer Scripturally defined, the aspect of justice pertaining to the Gospel also gets redefined, which leads to a false Gospel.

We must declare God's Truth without compromise. This episode of Conversations with Jeff with Dr Cal Beisner really exposes the dangers of the heresy of Social Justice, as well as clearly define Actual Justice and the one true Gospel that has the power to save.

Dr Beisner is offering listeners of Conversations with Jeff a copy of either Social Justice vs. Biblical Justice: How Good Intentions Undermine Justice and Gospel or How Does the Creation Care Movement Threaten the Pro-Life Movement as a thank you for a donation of any size at


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