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The Coronavirus Crisis is the Test of our Lifetimes

America is being tested. It’s different from most of the big tests of the past because those were either wars or tests of our character such as the Civil Rights era and 9/11. Character plays a role in the Chinese Coronavirus panic test, but there are two bigger aspects of it that make this even bigger than past crises. This is a test of our minds as well as our faith.

Passing the character test started off pretty rough when the initial panic began. Many started hoarding, causing others to defensively hoard, causing many to simply go without. I’m thankful we usually keep a good amount of toilet paper ready, but we’re starting to get low and it’s still hard to find.

The test of our minds is also proving many Americans simply lack the intellect and emotional stability to handle this situation properly. Most are irrationally overreacting. That’s to be expected. But a surprising number of people are being outright stupid. The infamous Spring Break whiners may not be indicative of the general population, but there seems to have been enough idiots to make it a thing.

Then, there’s the test of our representatives’ and leaders’ minds. The White House is passing with flying colors in that regard, but Capitol Hill seems to be lagging behind. The Democrats are complaining about the wrong things while Republicans are letting them drive the narrative. It’s not all bad, but some of it is downright ugly. Senators Richard Burr and Kelly Loeffler have a lot of explaining to do. At a state and local level, overreacting seems to be status quo, and as much as I love federalism I’m annoyed by so many erring on the side of unhinged caution. They’re taking it too far.

That leaves our faith as the biggest test of all, the one that we can and must pass for the sake of our country. Atheists and agnostics will balk at this notion, but here’s the thing. Even if they only look at it as an appeal to a higher power for the sake of delusion-induced calm and hope, then atheists and agnostics must acknowledge that those of us who turn to our faith will benefit both ourselves and society as a result. Of course, those of us who adhere to our faith and turn to God’s Will as the only path through which we can have hope of a positive resolution aren’t just doing it for calm and hope. Our belief is that we must pray for God’s intervention to help this nation and the world through this crisis, as it has clearly gone beyond the machinations of men to find an appropriate solution.

We pass this test and get through this crisis through our faith. Without it, the economy collapsing, jobs put on hold or disappearing, businesses closing, and supplies becoming scarce can make us fearful. But with faith, we know that God will provide. That may not mean He will make our 401K funds suddenly come back or that He will make our toilet paper miraculously last like fish and bread in baskets for the masses. But it does mean that if things will get better, we know it will be because He deems it. If things continue to get worse and we plummet to our societal demise, we’re still in His hands and therefore we’re still safe. The instruction manual for life—better known as the Bible—tells us how to handle situations like these.

When this life is pleasing and secure, we are grateful for our blessings. When this life offers us challenges, we are grateful for the trials and ready to handle it, one way or another. Others will fear. They will become agitated and desperate. They may even come after us. We may suffer. We may lose much, even everything. But this great test of our faith is a blessing if we understand what it means in the scope of life.

Things are very likely to get better. The coronavirus will likely be contained and life will begin going back to normal. That’s the expectation despite the doom and gloom. But if it doesn’t, the real test of our faith will be upon us. As long as we stay true to the end, we have nothing to truly fear. This world may fall apart, but the next world described in the Bible is what’s truly important.

By no means am I suggesting we’re there yet. We’re not, and hope can still emerge from many different directions. Treatments are being developed. The disease itself does not seem to be as consequential to most as the media would have us believe. Though the ugliness of others can affect us, we know God’s Will holds our long-term best interests intact.

In the Book of Daniel, the three friends of the prophet—Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah—were to be thrown into the fiery furnace. They did not fear because they knew God could protect them, but they were not so presumptuous to declare that He WOULD protect them. Nevertheless, they went willfully and did find protection from the heat that should have killed them. The coronavirus is less of a danger to us; death was certain without God’s intervention to anyone thrown into the fiery furnace. We must have the same courage facing this crisis that they had when they faced their’s.

Without faith, we will not pass the tests of our character nor our minds. Our test of faith as a nation will determine how we make it through the Chinese Coronavirus crisis. Don’t panic. Just do what’s recommended by men and pray always.


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This article was originally published at NOQ Report, and is reposted with permission from the author, JD Rucker.

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