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The Church will remain silent as transhumanism destroys your family

The lovey-dovey church that told you to come as you were, lowered all the ancient standards of dress, sex, marriage, divorce and adultery; gave you sugary donuts and coffee during their exhortations on humanist love...

In the coming years they will stand in silence watching transhumanism grind your family to powder.

Their primary contribution to you in your hour of need will be to tell you to "turn the other cheek" and they will tell you sweet nothings about "Romans 13" while a demonic evil destroys everything around you.

You sowed into them.

You criticized the remnant churches.

You abandoned the fiery preaching and teaching of the Word of God. You withheld financial support from the strong church and gave your money to positive and encouraging pep-talks in counterfeit churches where sin was overlooked. You spent the rest on Disney, Republican do-nothings and Starbucks.

You loved comfort and pleasure.

Now you are going to reap what you sowed. Your comforts will vanish. Your pleasures will become a distant memory.

Will God even listen to your prayers when the darkness comes?

No, He will not listen.

Proverbs 28:9

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