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The Cancel Culture fight comes down to Subjective vs Objective Truth | Denise McAllister | CWJ #91

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Denise McAllister brings the online event Cancelled: Enough is Enough to a close with a discussion of Subjective vs Objective Truth. While there is a huge problem with Cancel Culture, that is only a symptom of the problem... the root problem is the fight over what is truth.

Because truth has become subjective in the post-modern world that we live in, the left and the right have different definitions of truth, which leads to completely different world views. This leads to both sides talking past each other and never discussing or debating the issues, which leads to cancelling each other when we don't make any headway in debate.

If we are going to get anywhere as a society, we are going to have to get back to objective truth. The ultimate truth is the Gospel, which is the one true way that we can transform our country. However, without rooting truth in objectivity, the Gospel is compromised because of the truths of salvation are rooted in absolute truth.

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