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The Biblical case for resisting a tyrannical government | Jeff Dornik interview on Two Mikes

Jeff Dornik recently made an appearance on the Two Mikes Podcast with Dr Michael Scheuer and Col Mike. The topic of discussion related to the Biblical case for resisting a tyrannical government. While many make the argument that Romans 13 demands that we always obey our governing authorities, Jeff makes an alternative interpretation which demands we stand for truth in the face of tyranny. Here's the description of the show:

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with Freedom First Network's CEO and director of operations Jeff Dornik about the role of Christianity in preserving the American republic and the future of conservatism.

The three of us were in agreement that most Protestant and Christian clergy are failing their flocks in numerous ways, among which are failing to explain that Jesus was in essence a warrior who took on the establishment and its private and public affairs at the cost of his life.

He supplied us with a guidebook for living a decent life, caring for others, and resisting to the hilt any government that ceased protecting its people and moved toward tyranny.

Following Jesus, it was St. Paul who took up the role of preaching that no Christian owed permanent allegiance to his government no matter what it did. A tyrannical government destroyed its right to expect loyalty from any of its citizens.

On the future of conservatism we differed. Mr. Dornik argued that conservatives are too often eager to play the short-term political game, such as ardently pursuing one election, one candidate, or one issue, and becoming burned out in the chase. He argued for patience and the drafting of a longer-term game plan.

Perhaps because of their age, The Two Mikes suggested that the longer-term game had been played in the era of William F. Buckley, Barry Goldwater, and, of course, Ronald Reagan (peace be upon him). Concluding that if the longer game already has been played, that the republic might be lost if conservatives started to play it all over again.

Colonel Mike and the Doc, are big on faith and prayer.  It will take both to save the republic. At least Jeff gives the younger generation this in his discussion. We salute him, and pray he gets this rolling. 



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